Next Level Healing!?

A few years ago I experienced a funny and for some maybe interesting anecdote: I was riding my bike heading for a doctors appointment. All of a sudden my so our Holy Mother herself told me: ‘Don’t go! Turn around!’ As astonished as I was I turned around almost immediately and missed the appointment on purpose. My problem vanished after a while by itself. The teaching for me so possibly for You, We, All too: trusting our Holy Mother heals!

Evolution as Part of Life

While realizing an evolutionary process doubts may appear too. However, simply by constantly applying its tools with an according expected because determined outcome stops them. As the process, at first partly later on more stable, contains the solution in itself I, You, We, All can experience its releasing effects. In the long-run evolution becomes part of life.

How pointing out the Process

As far as my experiences with the divine entities reach the only interest they follow is the evolutionary process of I, You, We, All. Therefore their support and my nowadays acquired self-help in forms of words so thoughts, often combined with yawning, body shaking and goose bumps is pointing the way. Meanwhile I use it even to get simple yes-or-no-answers for questions I have. However with logic I can get them too ;-)

Why only Support

Since many years I asked myself: Does the divine punish or harm human beings, and if not, why not? In short I realized: they don’t need to! Instead they follow two evolutionary aspects. The first is that they have an untwisted determination in cooperation with life. In words it can be expressed as love, peace and bliss which results in beauty, in the possible beauty of life. The second aspect applies the rule that each deeper motivation with an according decision has according results. As human life was, is and will always remain brutal and deadly only an evolutionary lifestyle causes salvation. Life offers the possibilities and I, You, We, All has to go for them to be released. So I concluded: If I remains human it in a way punishes and harms itself by not determining the evolutionary process. Accordingly the divine doesn’t need to punish or harm. Instead they concentrate on the support of the internalization of the divine. That’s cool!

Turning towards and Becoming

20170413_185702It might be difficult to understand, even neglected (in a harsh way) but I, You, We, even All are invited to turn towards the divine family. Yes, they would be happy! The time needed differs as it depends on I, its decisions, its determination so resulting energetic level. Indeed to become and be part of our evolutionary process is absolutely possible. The divine is recognized by love, peace and bliss so beauty. Their home is life itself.

Constant Choice


The internalization of the determined needs an important aspect to be fulfilled: constant choice. The more it’s created by I so using the ability to become and finally be the more effective it is. The idea behind is to overwrite the old to experience, even right away, towards the new being.

A wonderful Sign: Brightness

20170410_155627[1]Brightness. Brightness is a divine sign which, at least in my case, most of the times is followed by goose bumps, shaking and/ or yawning. If sensations become brilliant, if the perception of the world is outragesly clear and even shining in a new dimension than the mind has reached such a quality that it’s able to see a different world: the world of harmony and love! Brightness doesn’t need proofs as I, You, We, All can experience it if evolution is the ambition.

Life: Offers and Rules

20170409_180532[1]I, You, We, All cannot cheat life. Life so nature is perfectly pure. According to the different levels of existence it has its simple and clear rules. To understand and use them can be one of our purposes of life. And, yes, they are usable for finally all of us, no preferences, no rejections. Nevertheless, life does support but doesn’t adapt to I and change its rules. Finally even humanity has to adjust to life. Meanwhile I, You, We, All may use its infinite offers. Consequently the motivation brings results with experiences according to one’s, even all’s determination. That’s one of the basic rules of life.

Training for Today: Bliss


Today’s exercise is the feeling of bliss. Bliss is something wonderful! However, wonderful only if its value is of importance for I, You, We, All. If it isn’t it will become something annoying, even disturbing. So be aware of the motivation as the result can totally differ.

Week of Exercises: Love

20170331_130818[1]Now let’s follow a week of exercises. For today we grab love. Love as experience. Love as the ultimate feeling I, You, We, All can live independent of the situation. Love for life. Love for the divine. They’re always and ever so they’re here, right now. For I, You, We, All.