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Life is neutral

20170328_180758Life is neutral so the divine is. Accordingly life has nor ‘catalogs of penalties’ nor supportive rewardings. Life is what it is and its offerings can’t be changed. So, life is really justice in its pure form: no winners, no losers, all the same. Therefore I, You, We, All are responsible what happens to I, You, We, All. However, according to the determination the results are appropriate as the perception is adapted to the point of view.

Different Spreads

20170320_182453[1]Some things I does might primarely be good for I (which in turn can be good for finally All as when I feels good all around do too). Other things I does might only be peaceful for You. And again one step further ahead things I does might be wonderful for We. The highest achievement I can attain as a human is to be wonderful for All, in our case humanity.

Life’s still there!

20170320_180151[1]The best thing for I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process would be to listen to those loving, peace-, bliss and beautyful divine entities. However, it rarely happens. Causes and excuses are manifold but the base is always: fears of lack and loss. It shows for example in the fact that arbitrary and constantly changing human values are more important than life. And now: let’s smile together! Life’s still there and want vanish as long as I, You, We, All exist!

Amount and Intensity of Investment

20170316_174912[1]The amount and intensity of investments into a loving, peace-, bliss- and beautyful being with an similar evolutionary process is responsible for the time I, You, We, All experience it or not. The span can be from seconds to days to weeks, but as well need decades, centuries or even several millenniums. Some never make it. So, as a possibility in life to be determined for evolution so to create an according experience I, You, We, All is in charge what to experience and for how long. Meanwhile don’t fear life anymore but experience it as a wonderful bright and carrying playground.


Angel’s messages

20170312_170605[1]Just to inform, whether I, You, We, All believes it or not, which in turn depends on one’s own decision: Angel’s messages should be taken for real! If someone knows that the message comes from an according divine being it should be taken for real. They really have enormous capabilities! So, even when the message seems to be weird because they talk about something that happens maybe even in years: they somehow know the destinies! So, trust it (or don’t).

About Epiphanies

20170310_175218An epiphany helps me to understand: what’s my actual situation? Where am I right now? What am I on? However my situation is as well: do/ can I (really) trust it? Is my self-confidence strong enough to accept it as fact? I had to learn it by experience so try and error. Today my situation is: according to the epiphany, which I actually can built on now, I still have to decide whether I like so stay with it or not

Care for Life

20161226_160656[1]Comprehend life and its simple rules. Be determined for life. Enjoy the love of it. It offers peace, it even enables bliss. Go for it like it’s your house, your family. Experience it in its full brightness if not already done. I, You, We, All will get support. Trust in life and decide for it. And be aware: it’s not boring at all but: full of life!