Archiv für den Monat: Mai 2017

Next Level Healing!?

A few years ago I experienced a funny and for some maybe interesting anecdote: I was riding my bike heading for a doctors appointment. All of a sudden my so our Holy Mother herself told me: ‘Don’t go! Turn around!’ As astonished as I was I turned around almost immediately and missed the appointment on purpose. My problem vanished after a while by itself. The teaching for me so possibly for You, We, All too: trusting our Holy Mother heals!

Evolution as Part of Life

While realizing an evolutionary process doubts may appear too. However, simply by constantly applying its tools with an according expected because determined outcome stops them. As the process, at first partly later on more stable, contains the solution in itself I, You, We, All can experience its releasing effects. In the long-run evolution becomes part of life.