Archiv für den Monat: Juli 2017

Some Notes I made

No rules, no punishments, no commands, only advices, ideas, questions to achieve individual responsibility and to get a feeling for (releasing) results. Divine/ released being more important/ of value/ of interest than human having/ appeasement/ pleasure/ achievements. Fun is fine, sometimes supported (if harmless), sometimes questioned (see results), sometimes warnings (motivation?), sometimes even led away from (e.g. food, situations) to create another awareness. Instead: stand up for I’s divine being. Advancement/ Growth by being determined. Is are defiant. Divine family so happy/ laughing to see that I’m with them (again)!

Human Being, human Values: Not of interest!?

Today I have to state: My divine family doesn’t really care for my human being and values, even wants to keep me away from it. During all the years I’m more and more with and part of them they really never cared for my human ‘career’. As they are aware that I’m aware today they don’t have to care for it (anymore). Accordingly, whether I’m a man or a woman, whether I’m awfully successful or poor, whether I have kids or not, my age, my look, sports man, hanging around or working like a horse, name it: all of this human stuff was and isn’t of interest for them. Of course I can ask: why? But in 2001 I deeply acknowledged to care for human evolution, so I said ‘Yes!’ to it. And, believe it or not, for my so You, We, All’s evolutionary process all human values fortunately aren’t of interest for that. Actually I became more and more aware of: human life is only a kind of tool, only an evolutionary intermediate step towards more sophisticated forms of being. My so our divine family cares for love, peace, bliss. Why should they care for our archaic and rude values being the cause so provoking our human suffering and pain? Do I, would you support crimes to teach confidence? It’s actually not in their focus as they look for our released being. Got it!?

Release needs Sophistication

After more than a half of my lifetime I deeply understood how important a good, a real pleasant mood is and to determine it. To enhance any healing and evolutionary process I realized that it’s one of our human tools to feel so experience a more sophisticated life (style). Consequently I feel how important forgiveness so allowance, even gratefulness is. To avoid to misuse my power through punishment, usually to get and gain something I had and still have to determine three releasing elements: love, peace, bliss. As the divine taught me to grant I have to internalize so to focus on the real important elements of I, You, We, All’s release.

From Fear to Confidence

If release is what humanity needs than a few determinations are mandatory. For example one issue is to experience life as salvation so to have confidence into. While the deep fears of lack and loss are human issues the divine approach is confidence. I was taught to do it step wise and to begin with easy issues in daily life.

Concerned about my Decisions

As far as I can tell my divine family isn’t only interested in what I live so provoke and experience. As their focus is on my so there evolutionary process (today I know that supporting tinier souls with and through love helps to develop them self) they are in the same way concerned of the decisions I take. These are the moments were they are usually present too. They support me or by warnings up to yelling (yes, they can really be loud!) or by smiling and simply being happy.

Brightness and Light are Parts of it

To experience release brightness up til light are parts of it. I don’t know why, I have no real answer for that phenomenon but: if I experience release (on demand) brightness up til light are unavoidable parts of it. Usually I use meditation for that but during the day according thoughts can provoke the same (if distractions aren’t to intense). While in the early years I experienced a step-wise approach (down to four stages of deeper relaxation) I live it today more like a ‘slipping into’. But whatever way it takes: the result is the same. With any augmentation of brightness and light (combined with other reactions) the amount of thoughts is decreased, finally down to zero. As you may imagine I can report that the quality of my life experience is way more pleasant that way. However, be aware that your experiences may totally differ from mine! I simply describe this to show how and that our life experience can be influenced in a better way and this with our own, natural abilities. That’s all.

Simple Questions, simple Answers

If release is what humanity needs: let’s talk about! I suggest to start with my own experience: How does my work/ process/ experience look like? Well, to better understand let’s have a short intro. In the beginning of my divine interest and motivation I had those presentiments. After a while I heard more and more of those wonderful voices in-/ outside of me giving me ideas, advices and, now comes the most important part, asking questions as well. Usually these were questions where I could simply answer with: yes or no. And so it is today. Simple questions, simple answers. Accordingly, today I would ask for example: Do I, You, We, All want release? If yes, let’s continue to be determined. If no, let’s simply quit. While ‘yes’ will change everything ‘no’ will leave everything untouched. Nothing mysterious, simple logic.


Release as on-and-on-Decision

Any felt situation I’m in influences my (well-)being. Therefore it’s somehow mandatory for me to keep an eye on what I decide so finally materialize. As this natural law is not only valid for me but for You, We and All as well it can really be called ‘justice’. No one, not even the most famous known human being or biggest soul is excluded from this so experiences some special rights. So, while on the human level usually winning and losing is somehow defined the divine one is freed of this. As far as I realized they just care for ‘How much real love, peace, bliss so beauty is honestly invested?’ as this influences everyone’s evolutionary process towards release.

To support myself is Training

In whatever situation I am: I can always ask myself for help too. Of course I had and have to learn it and it doesn’t work at any time, but I can so others can too. The wonderful thing about it is: I is always and ever with me so in a way it makes sense. Nevertheless this kind of independence needs a start and continues training like anything new and more sophisticated. As I got theoretical and practical advices and answers (how to solve finally any kind of problem) I have to use so materialize it. Internalization is the work to later on make it happen without really thinking about it. Now, how to achieve this? Well, I was introduced to use meditation, constant repetition, ongoing choice and intensification. Of course there are other tools like prayers, however I simply describe mine here. I for myself realized that the most important of all is my motivation: Why do I want to experience evolution?

Evolution can be realized in any Direction

I understood that being human can become a tool for intermediate steps towards further being(s). For that healing is an aspect I, You, We, All may use for achievements. Yes, any kind of evolutionary process is somehow expressed by body, mind and soul (which appears in energy)! However, as evolution and the according process is possible in any direction I, You, We, All have to be cautious with our decisions. The highest form of evolution as far as I know is not only the wish but the determination nor to suffer nor to have pain while including You, We, All. This can be extended to an enormous being but it asks for an according being. Now, to speed up the process determination is the most effective tool. While understanding helps to diminish the fears and to enhance the present being determination fulfills the polarizing so decisive part.

Of Appearance and Characters

Like human the divine beings are of different appearance and characters. There are those smaller and more tiny ones. They giggle around with high voices and laugh while having fun. They seem kind of childish in a funny, not bothering way, usuallly appearing in groups. I never experienced them alone. Additionally there are the intermediate ones. They are, so far I know and my own experience is, of stunning beauty. However, in some way they are the most kind of ‘normal’ for me. They have, except their typical love and wonderful peace around, no specialties. And finally there are those huge ones. Wow, real huge ones! They simply float in a peaceful way, no fears at all but bright in its absolute form. The ‘big ones’ are quiet, almost not moving but hovering over places spreading this enormous amount of wonderful love and peace. Yes, they are somehow overwhelming in a positive way. I personally love to ask and go for it! That’s what I want to live and experience! Today I’m aware that I have to get rid of my fears, especially of lack and loss and replace them with my determination for love, peace and bliss. That’s finally all I have to do as I realized what evolution means: evolution!

From Anger to Understanding

Many times I was like that: ‘Hey, why do you leave me alone? Help me! I’ve this or that problem and you don’t help me.’ Yes, sometimes I was really angry. And I continued with: ‘I did so many things to be with you, and now? Come on, help me!’ But: No reactions from the divine side… Today I’ve to acknowledge that it was my kind of being causing those circumstances. First of all I started to get teachings already decades before. Therefore I have the knowledge and the answers how to solve any problem. By the way: I have to admit that if I would have applied them earlier or had reacted according to their opinion, even years before the result, the situation wouldn’t exist. Secondly I’m not really there for them yet all the time too. Even so they offered me a lot to be learned for a more sophisticated being I didn’t internalize lots of it til now (reaching a very profound level). So I don’t really listen and aren’t there for them either. And thirdly: Important things for me are unimportant for them and vice versa ;-) Today I’m aware of their eternal so endless presence and that it’s me with my confidence and awareness to be more and more open so present for them – so me

Already decided I nevertheless have to be: Cautious!

Already decided for the divine world I have to admit difficulties and conflicts in daily life. Especially to keep the relation so communication with my superior family is a challenge. As it depends on a clear mind from my side day-to-day situations keep me away from it as the values differ. Accordingly I seek to at least sustain, better internalize more efficient my gained abilities. The goal is not to unnecessary disturb or worse even harm my process by keeping an evolutionary kind of motivation so determination. As my divine being depends on the amount of brightness love, peace and bliss as the sacred sources of release are decisive. As I was told: ‘You can make it today or in 50 years. Time is no factor [PR: life is eternal].’ Additionally they repeatedly advised me not to go backwards as an unnecessary painful repetition of (daily, even life) cycles would be the result.

An evolutionary Problem

Yes, science can always proof the contrary from what I tell about divine entities and being. And yes, I absolutely agree with what they state. And: I’m not even trying to argue as I would lose :-) However, I made my own experiences outside of some standards and after a while compared them with others, their maybe similar and personal experience. And surprisingly even coming from different states, round the world and cultures I found out: wow, some made about identical experiences! So, this is my kind of acknowledgment that I’m not crazy ;-) The problem today is another, the evolutionary one: What to live so to experience? Archaic being with its unsophisticated forms of appeasement? The human level with understanding and intellectual behave? Or the divine level with the liberation of suffering and pain?

This Kind of ‘Electricity’…

If I experience my own divine being it offers me some other values and experiences as the common and known human ones which usually are based on appeasement. While in the experience I feel freed of any kind of bothering elements but full of brightness so awake. There is this kind of ‘electricity’ below my skin combined with constant tiny goose bumps and: no thoughts! While being in that state I experience nor pain nor suffering nor guilt but my purity of love, peace, bliss and beauty. Yes, it’s work to get there, it doesn’t happen like that. My training needs according circumstances caused by determined decisions and I have to create them. However, as my results are based on the teachings and experiences I made I have to admit: it works (again) so can be repeated!