Archiv für den Monat: September 2017

Some accumulated Thoughts

Appreciating the divine.

Becoming aware of the divine. Getting in contact with. Listening. Comprehending what they teach, what the want, what their motivation is. Enjoying their presence! Those are the first steps for I, You, We, All.

Finally I had to comprehend and learn that the divine with its releasing elements is only available as a whole. Simply taking some handsome parts of it isn’t enough for I, You, We, All to evolve.

Release is the direct way towards human evolution and if wanted unavoidable

The theory and materialization of power, the having and love, the being differ from, even contradict each other.

Wisdom is one of the divine principles

Interestingly religions often tell us that appeasement is releasing. What a mess!!! Only release is release.

From a certain level on the divine being has, once aware of it, nothing to do with the human level. For example the fears of lack and loss don’t exist but the amount of energy so the being (of) love, peace, bliss are of value so motivation. Therefore the values cannot only but really must be different.

Yes, I, You, We, All may stay within the physical level for its specific experiences, no problem for the divine. However, seen from the divine side it’s the painful, finally deadly choice.

The human level is a possibility. After according teachings it’s one’s choice. For me it became an intermediate step or tool.

I, You, We, All have to materialize the possible values we want. It’s within our ability and, used or not, it supports us human beings to make it towards our next level of being, or not. The values I, You, We, All materialize at any moment are not only the experience right here, right now but are provoking I, You, We, All’s human evolution, either way.

If I, You, We, All decide for human values the loss of divine ones are the consequence and the other way around. 

Imagine being. Be.

Materialized values decide which evolutionary process is provoked: from animalistic to human to divine or backwards.

Decisions are occurrence, even evolutionary

Appeasement or Release

Accumulated divine contacts stepwise taught me that there’s a huge difference between appeasement and release (as determination). Long story short: The difference in understanding and materialization may safe I from several decades, centuries, even millenniums of unnecessary suffering and pain. While appeasement hides the deep fears of lack and loss (behind something) the deep release results in: I doesn’t have the problem anymore so it can go on in its evolutionary process. Accordingly to move on faster the ‘hiding behind’ is to overcome and to be replaced by being ‘clean’.

Simple releasing Tools

An incomplete collection of simple releasing tools interested human beings can practice:

  • to take the voluntary decision to be released
  • to stand up and remain
  • to learn to love (the crap :-)) or: comprehension, determination, internalization of (being) love, peace, bliss
  • to experience and live life as salvation
  • I, You, We, All are souls so human values become less important
  • to yawn and get goose bumps, depending on so sign of right thoughts
  • to use/ sing in higher voices with according frequencies/ vibrations
  • (the) nothing
  • to meditate
  • not to fear but to be open for the divine (world/ family)
  • feathers (seen as divine signs)
  • to train stability in all this and more

No mystics, no special effects, no harming nor punishments, no preferences.