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From Time to Time to On and On

To really and deeply decide for evolution is like a ‘switch’ to illuminate the next level. And the only one to be determined and concentrated on has to be I. This and nothing else creates the according experience. However, the result should not only be to turn on the light from time to time and to see life with different ‘eyes’ but to stay ‘illuminated’ (which is at least, even more important and highly challenging). However, I, You, We, All should use its human ability accordingly to be released

One day, maybe even today within all the upcoming physical life cycles I can (start to) decide for life as salvation so evolution and to stay with. Of course voluntarily. And of course finally endless.

Decided for evolution situations and experiences turn to be accordingly. Let’s try it out!

Let’s be good students while supporting I, You, we, All’s evolutionary progress

I know from my own challenges that release seems to be so difficult as it appears so striking. Interestingly those moments may cause unnecessary because counterproductive fears

I, You, We, All on and for its own, heading evolution. What else is free(d) of fears?

From Physical to Eternal is: Release

How to doubt the releasing effect on I, You, We, All if life itself turns to be (y)our home

Yes, there is an eternal aspect of life!

Replace ‘process’ by ‘progress’.

If souls speak/ If energy informs situations look different, maybe even contradicting to former experiences

Love love, peace, bliss

The divine feels like a supporting team

Yes, the soul can be happy too! It simply reacts to other values

I, You, We, All is able to increase or its human or its divine values. Motivation with equal determination and decisions are crucial for the according results

To become and be released is like becoming and being a mother or father. It changes: everything!

I, You, We, All are if I, You, We, All is released

Yes, to become and be released I, You, We, All has to decide for it with all its ad- and disadvantages coming along with. And yes, to become and be released is according internalisation by progressing more and more intense. If it helps let’s compare it with becoming and being a musician or sportsman

About, Why and How I meditate

I use it for my so others human evolutionary process. My determined motivation, my being helps me to have appropriate experiences. Consequently, during I ‘drop down’ deeper and deeper I experience less my body and so senses but more the love, peace, bliss I expect, and even more :-) Now, the difficult part is to maintain that state during daily life, to materialize it outside of the sessions. I acknowledge that it’s much easier to be calm in a protected than in distracting/ intense situations. However, the trained issue for the internalisation is mandatory to easier progress.

How do I meditate? Nothing special. I use the highly concentrated time in accordance to Zen techniques. Essential is to get a good teacher without personality cult around. (S)He will introduce you without influencing as they have no clue too ;-) Decisive because resulting in is my, accordingly You, We, All’s motivation: why do(es) I meditate?