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Long Story short: My evolutionary Growth

The beginning of my evolutionary growth wasn’t so clear to me like a human birth. There was nothing I could see, touch or breath, I had no real birth experience but certain feelings with states of being. It happened with tiny premonitions and first simple experiences that ‘something different, something more’ exists. The process continued with simple hints and already little teachings like parents carrying for their child. So, I started to realize that something special is going on. Than, one day in May 1998 I was asked: what do you do here? while I flew a plane. And I said: Well, I make money. The reaction that I experienced right away was a deep senselessness. But why did that happen? Wasn’t I told for decades that money is so important, even that it is some kind of my meaning of life and to have a lot of it is the solution to go through life easier? To make a long story short: Today I know that the simple motivation to make money is senseless, even contradicting for my personal evolutionary growth so being so experience. So, that was the reason, my motivation I stopped flying. And, today I have to say, that I wasn’t aware of evolution and processes at that specific time. However, years later, it was in 2001 I was asked if I’m interested in human evolution. Without any hesitation I answered: YES! I can clearly remember how astonished I was of my own intensity to agree to this proposition I never! heard about before. Remember, there was nothing and nobody, no authority but feelings and a clear voice in and with me. Years running I started to write down more and more what I was told from time to time. It especially happened in the years 2006 and 2007. It was like a study, like going to school but voluntarily, for no money, for no career, just for I-You-We-All’s evolutionary process. No human being told me to do that, even was declared as a fool to invest so much time for no result. But I myself was ready to learn so earn more for I-You-We-All. Finally it turned out that I wrote evolutionary books. Yes, it took me a lot of time but was a perfect experience for me. Today they are still wonderful-to-read books but not published (as I’m not a leader. Humanity needs release and not new leaders). And, as human beings start to work with what they learned so did I too, at least with what I understood and were able to materialize in daily life. So, I got help and support throughout the years, like a trainee, finally until 2017. Well, at the end of my formation I got no diploma but the ability to go for my own. Accordingly, I’m consequently approaching the next thresholds: do I continue with my evolutionary process, I-You-We-All’s release or not? The goal today is to take the responsibility for what I learned like a grown up human being starting to get on it’s own feed.