About, Why and How I meditate

I use it for my so others human evolutionary process. My determined motivation, my being helps me to have appropriate experiences. Consequently, during I ‘drop down’ deeper and deeper I experience less my body and so senses but more the love, peace, bliss I expect, and even more :-) Now, the difficult part is to maintain that state during daily life, to materialize it outside of the sessions. I acknowledge that it’s much easier to be calm in a protected than in distracting/ intense situations. However, the trained issue for the internalisation is mandatory to easier progress.

How do I meditate? Nothing special. I use the highly concentrated time in accordance to Zen techniques. Essential is to get a good teacher without personality cult around. (S)He will introduce you without influencing as they have no clue too ;-) Decisive because resulting in is my, accordingly You, We, All’s motivation: why do(es) I meditate?

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