Aspects of Release

Release isn”t a religion but a state of being! While religions go with promises release is a being: being released

I-You-We-All are welcome to be released! Divine support is guaranteed!

To be released means to be released from human arbitrariness and to experience the stable divine presence of love, peace and bliss

To heal clarity is a tool to be. To be clear e.g. in the here and now so to experience constant! brightness helps to improve even painful situations. Real and strong yawning, on and on helps to achieve pleasant states faster. Those are the simple however effective tools I-You-We-All posses

Human values are never fulfilling as the two fears of lacking and losing whatsoever aren”t solved.

Release is human evolution, human evolution is release

A real challenge, a real determined decision (with according throwbacks ,-) )  for I-You-We-All is nor to judge nor to discuss but to be determined for release with the help of love, peace and bliss. However, release is worth it as it has to do with evolutionary progress!

Look at the beauty the divine sends us in form of love, peace and bliss

Suffering and pain, vulnerability and conflicts tell I-You-We-All that our progress towards release is still possible and to achieve


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