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From Comprehension to Internalization

Day and night or seasons, time, electronic devices, cars, planes and bikes, money, houses, oil, walls, name it, don’t exist for the divine world. They appear independent of whatsoever situation. They are always surrounded by light. As far as I know they don’t practice special rituals or have specific behaves. They are decided for love, peace, bliss and this motivation is enough to achieve according results. They never told me to give up everything here on earth (however gave advices to leave things behind) but to care for and provoke what they live. So they help me as example. Nevertheless I still have the conflicting aspects of those differing worlds unsolved as they differ from each other already on basic levels. For example I, You, We, All as human beings have to understand that for the divine side birth and death don’t exist. Do you understand what I mean?

About Epiphanies

20170310_175218An epiphany helps me to understand: what’s my actual situation? Where am I right now? What am I on? However my situation is as well: do/ can I (really) trust it? Is my self-confidence strong enough to accept it as fact? I had to learn it by experience so try and error. Today my situation is: according to the epiphany, which I actually can built on now, I still have to decide whether I like so stay with it or not