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Care for Life

20161226_160656[1]Comprehend life and its simple rules. Be determined for life. Enjoy the love of it. It offers peace, it even enables bliss. Go for it like it’s your house, your family. Experience it in its full brightness if not already done. I, You, We, All will get support. Trust in life and decide for it. And be aware: it’s not boring at all but: full of life!

My divine growing Abilities (Short version)

From the beginning til now

By Patrick Roemer, Germany, Munich, January 2017

In this cycle of life my conscious divine growth started when I was around twenty-five. I felt confronted with simple however deep premonitions. During that time I used to be a pilot, had a wonderful job. Nevertheless, somehow in the background I began to know that my career as a pilot wouldn‘t last long. I started to feel emptiness on one hand and on the other hand: There was something else, another experience ‘waiting’ unable to tell anything about it at that time. And how should I? As I was raised the capitalistic way I had absolutely no idea of any kind of divine stuff, not even that it really exists for I, You, We, All if wanted.

During my flight career the premonitions became stronger and stronger but I still was unable to describe what I’m going to face, do, be. The only thing I experienced in body, mind and soul was: I’m not going to stay here even so I had a lot of money, a good amount of positive social reputation and so on. So despite of everything I simply continued enjoying and being good in my job, having fun to fly. Yet, the influence was remarkable as I adapted my choices according to my feelings.

Neglecting my inner longing towards the unknown I had a deep wish in mind before continuing another path of life: become an airliner captain! So I did when I turned thirty. At around that time I also met my first voluntary teacher, Moshe Zwang. Born in Israel we met in the US in Los Angeles, California. Today I can say: It was the beginning of a new era for me! And: it’s worth it until today!

He as well used to move around a lot as he used to be a captain on ships. While traveling with ships throughout the world he started to be interested in hand reading. And in a way he started as well to combine it with healing and, maybe just thinking one step further ahead, he was interested in evolutionary stuff. So, after I met and talked to him a few times, I followed his teachings at first unconscious-, later on consciously! After I accepted that man I started to care for totally different stuff up to the next evolutionary step in our being too. However, to be able to make a living as a human being after I quit my job as a pilot I started to become a complementary practitioner. And surprisingly: I still combine the hands with my healing work too!

Stepwise I entered in more and more awareness of the divine reality. It never happened negatively overwhelming so was never scaring for a human being like me but appeared day after day with ease. As premonitions as a basic form of divine presence were not enough any more I started to hear a kind of inner voice. Not with my ears but like this, somewhere, somehow. And how I realize it? I can’t tell. It was and still is just there, sometimes stronger and louder, sometimes almost not to perceive. Words, sentences, from time to time unknown aspects, expressions. As it just appears and disappears, growingly with days, even weeks of absence, I consciously know today that it’s always there. Here and now. Always. Infinite. And that I have to take over. I have to take the decisions now from what I was told.

In the years 2005 and 06 I wrote (down) a lot what I was taught from the divine side still unable to see: who is talking to me? I simply realized: it’s not me writing (even so I wrote it), these things aren’t my thoughts because it was in a way all unknown to me. At least I never learned something like that at school. However, to create my basis I regularly went to a library where I had the calm I needed to better listen. Today I know: It became my personal divine book! At that time I as a human being was the student. Therefore I appreciate today for everybody’s own evolutionary work to listen to this kind of voice and to write, paint or whatsoever form chosen, fix to keep it. It’s much more intense than to listen to someone else!

Still able to (finally endlessly) enhance the experiences the last years where more impressive I ever thought things would be! Not only that I met different kind of divine beings in their real size and appearance but that I realized that they really exist too. They laugh, giggle around, are happy, brilliant, tremendously full of love. And: not bothering me with all the restrictions many people know from our holy books written by other human beings but advising with determinations for the best of I, You, We, All. The wonderful thing about it is: they can pass on their wonderful loving feelings they (I guess) exist of! Simply by being there as loving, peaceful beings…

Today my job is to materialize what I wrote down years before and pass it on (as the divine entities do it with me). For that I have to deeper and deeper decide for it. To write and to know something is one thing, to think, talk and feel accordingly so to materialize it is another. Accordingly I not only have a growing contact to eternity but realize it more and more on a daily base. However, it only is if I really decide for it while provoking real occurrence. For that I have to regularly stand up. ‘Unfortunately’ cheating in form of: okay, a little decision here, a little word and caress there isn’t enough at all as natures law is clearly to understand: what kind of energy, motivation, reality I put into the system ‘nature’, a lot or just a little bit, comes back. No exceptions.

Patrick Roemer