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In Short but Dense

Okay, to make it short but dense: Life is salvation. To decide for it on and on and on and on for I-You-We-All is the base. On that base the divine pillars love, peace and bliss are evolutionary for us human beings. This I-You-We-All are allowed to understand. After that kind of comprehension determination and internalization are the next steps for a more released being.

From Decision to Commitment

For our human evolution it’s of absolute importance that love, peace and bliss are not only once in a while decisions but that they become commitments. Love as element for the best of I-You-We-All. Peace as central inner as outer experience, as well for I-You-We-All. And bliss? Bliss as the evolutionary element of life. The happiness and growing size of the soul as result of love and peace as being.

The Releasing Beauty of Life

Angels and holy so higher beings have huge advantages. Because they are decided and determined to live and be in love, peace and bliss, all at the same time, throughout life time they simply lack most of our biggest human threats. Climate change and earth exploitation, those deep fears of lacking or losing, causing any kind of wars, mistreatments and violence round the globe, painful diseases or brutal accidents: none of it is a topic for them. What they do is to have a marvelous sense of empathy and long-view on things/ situations. Therefore it’s of human evolutionary importance for I-You-We-All to not only comprehend but be determined as well accordingly. It seems to be possible for us human beings, even so it takes time, but it’s worth more than a try to experience the releasing beauty of life.

Aspects of Release

Release isn”t a religion but a state of being! While religions go with promises release is a being: being released

I-You-We-All are welcome to be released! Divine support is guaranteed!

To be released means to be released from human arbitrariness and to experience the stable divine presence of love, peace and bliss

To heal clarity is a tool to be. To be clear e.g. in the here and now so to experience constant! brightness helps to improve even painful situations. Real and strong yawning, on and on helps to achieve pleasant states faster. Those are the simple however effective tools I-You-We-All posses

Human values are never fulfilling as the two fears of lacking and losing whatsoever aren”t solved.

Release is human evolution, human evolution is release

A real challenge, a real determined decision (with according throwbacks ,-) )  for I-You-We-All is nor to judge nor to discuss but to be determined for release with the help of love, peace and bliss. However, release is worth it as it has to do with evolutionary progress!

Look at the beauty the divine sends us in form of love, peace and bliss

Suffering and pain, vulnerability and conflicts tell I-You-We-All that our progress towards release is still possible and to achieve


Fundamental Motivation Release

An author”s announcement: I, You, We, All becomes I-You-We-All which is a more intense and I-You-We-All involving expression for humanity. The history behind: I-You-We-All was a title for a whole chapter of my own divine book (One of my tips is: anyone should write its own!)

A real divine message was: Release is what humanity so I-You-We-All needs

In short: Release means I-You-We-All doesn’t have the problem

I-You-We-All is able to grab the dimension I talk about. No proofs needed (as they would be worthless anyway)

The biggest challenge isn’t release based on love, peace, bliss but ignorance and defiance provoked by fears, enormous fears

If the dimension I talk about is understood determination towards release is the next step

The determination towards release has to be stable. Otherwise distractions are obvious

Internalization is done by constant repetition. The more intense the more internalized

Thoughts to easier understand Human Evolution

Let’s not ignore but ‘listen’ to our soul(s). They experience life differently as they follow eternal values promoted by love, peace, bliss.

If my divine family says that humanity needs release I ask myself today: Who is, including me, really, I mean really going for it (with all consequences)? Do I know someone, including myself? How many have to be around that I, You, We, All decide accordingly? What’s my tendency to be (today): appeasement, release? Let’s go for release! :-) It’s wonderful!

While appeasement needs those deep fears of lack and loss release constantly asks for love. peace and bliss to be

While total loss for and of I, You, We, All is obvious so the best proof ever release offers life as salvation. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of? Let’s go for that kind of proof! Eternity isn’t a fairy tale but a huge part of our daily life. Or is the universe nonsense?

For whom life is already release so free(d) of suffering and pain, vulnerability, lack and finally loss? That would be a real evolutionary progress for I, You, We, All.

Why is release so off interest? Or let’s ask: Why is suffering and pain so easily accepted?

As human beings we create different kinds of truth. Each one is based on mental and emotional human ‘constructions’. Human truth usually disregards life as salvation.

Release is free(d) of conflicts

Release is a fundamental decision. Cheating? Impossible!

Stepwise I realized that my premonition was right: for a fundamental change a fundamental decision has to be taken. Anything else is superficial, and superficial means: no according result.

As far as I experience it there are different growth/ energetic stages I, You, We, All go through. So far there isn’t one single step to become and be released (even so it would be the ultimate shortcut!). Nevertheless, appearing intermediate steps (maybe unnecessary cautious ;-) ) are reality. So observing myself I can recognize changing differences in e.g. authority and trust. Already these are signs/ indications for an evolutionary progress that doesn’t work linear towards up/ more (or down/ less) but according to and dependant on conscious or unconscious behaves, motivation, decisions and determinations.

If I, You, We, All would invest the same amount of time/ energy/ interest in release instead of appeasement our daily life would look totally different

Release might be for foolish people but: it’s releasing

Appeasement is not release, release is not appeasement

Like appeasement release can be established in I, You, We, All’s daily routine too

Whatever is determined: it might contradict other(s)

One difference between human love, peace, bliss and the divine is time. While in human experience time is a limiting factor so lack and loss are obvious the releasing side of life is eternal: lack and loss are impossible. So to go from limited to unlimited is a step to do if release the choice. Unfortunately it asks for ‘losing the human (being/ values)’ which in turn causes enormous fears ;-)

From Time to Time to On and On

To really and deeply decide for evolution is like a ‘switch’ to illuminate the next level. And the only one to be determined and concentrated on has to be I. This and nothing else creates the according experience. However, the result should not only be to turn on the light from time to time and to see life with different ‘eyes’ but to stay ‘illuminated’ (which is at least, even more important and highly challenging). However, I, You, We, All should use its human ability accordingly to be released

One day, maybe even today within all the upcoming physical life cycles I can (start to) decide for life as salvation so evolution and to stay with. Of course voluntarily. And of course finally endless.

Decided for evolution situations and experiences turn to be accordingly. Let’s try it out!

Let’s be good students while supporting I, You, we, All’s evolutionary progress

I know from my own challenges that release seems to be so difficult as it appears so striking. Interestingly those moments may cause unnecessary because counterproductive fears

I, You, We, All on and for its own, heading evolution. What else is free(d) of fears?

From Physical to Eternal is: Release

How to doubt the releasing effect on I, You, We, All if life itself turns to be (y)our home

Yes, there is an eternal aspect of life!

Replace ‘process’ by ‘progress’.

If souls speak/ If energy informs situations look different, maybe even contradicting to former experiences

Love love, peace, bliss

The divine feels like a supporting team

Yes, the soul can be happy too! It simply reacts to other values

I, You, We, All is able to increase or its human or its divine values. Motivation with equal determination and decisions are crucial for the according results

To become and be released is like becoming and being a mother or father. It changes: everything!

I, You, We, All are if I, You, We, All is released

Yes, to become and be released I, You, We, All has to decide for it with all its ad- and disadvantages coming along with. And yes, to become and be released is according internalisation by progressing more and more intense. If it helps let’s compare it with becoming and being a musician or sportsman

About, Why and How I meditate

I use it for my so others human evolutionary process. My determined motivation, my being helps me to have appropriate experiences. Consequently, during I ‘drop down’ deeper and deeper I experience less my body and so senses but more the love, peace, bliss I expect, and even more :-) Now, the difficult part is to maintain that state during daily life, to materialize it outside of the sessions. I acknowledge that it’s much easier to be calm in a protected than in distracting/ intense situations. However, the trained issue for the internalisation is mandatory to easier progress.

How do I meditate? Nothing special. I use the highly concentrated time in accordance to Zen techniques. Essential is to get a good teacher without personality cult around. (S)He will introduce you without influencing as they have no clue too ;-) Decisive because resulting in is my, accordingly You, We, All’s motivation: why do(es) I meditate?

Funny Thoughts

Why human beings are usually not released yet? Normally I cares for appeasement. However, release provokes not only but is real human evolution :-)

While appeasement is a never ending story release is released of appeasement

Life’s salvation if its I, You, We, All’s home. So, if life is (y)our home and castle release is obvious

With our birth as human beings I, You, We, All face an increase of for example abilities. In return approaching the end of our days the total loss of everything is the final experience. That’s human reality as Is.

If the divine task seems to difficult: remain nevertheless with the value ‘human evolution’ and use other options. There are plenty of it!

While appeasement needs repetitions, on and on, release is free(d) of it

Get in contact with your divine teachers. They await I, You, We, All and are really happy to see us! The issue is love, peace, bliss as human evolutionary aspect. Or in short: release.

The divine only asks for I, You, We, All’s determination for release

Human evolution is a change in being

In a releasing way divinity is, yes, inhuman

I can only acknowledge that our human evolution is a huge step into release

Humanity is nor to see nor to touch or smell. However, would you doubt its existence? So, it’s possible to try to be accordingly. No fake!

Looking up the sky or down to earth I, You, We, All experience the real situation of being a human being

Divine entities don’t discuss but guide. Eternally! So, they don’t expire.

Simple releasing Tools

An incomplete collection of simple releasing tools interested human beings can practice:

  • to take the voluntary decision to be released
  • to stand up and remain
  • to learn to love (the crap :-)) or: comprehension, determination, internalization of (being) love, peace, bliss
  • to experience and live life as salvation
  • I, You, We, All are souls so human values become less important
  • to yawn and get goose bumps, depending on so sign of right thoughts
  • to use/ sing in higher voices with according frequencies/ vibrations
  • (the) nothing
  • to meditate
  • not to fear but to be open for the divine (world/ family)
  • feathers (seen as divine signs)
  • to train stability in all this and more

No mystics, no special effects, no harming nor punishments, no preferences.

Time to Celebrate Release

Let’s talk about release (again): Yes, it can be celebrated! And I, You, We, All are allowed to! To realize life as salvation is (the beginning of) an evolutionary step! To perceive and step wise internalize the released world I, You, We, All have to be similar so it’s not a miracle but living a specific comprehension and determination. For that it’s not only advisable to create a relaxed mind and loving emotions but for example to eat and drink accordingly too. Perception, emotions, mind, nutrition and all others seem to interact in a way. Now, every interested human being has to find out what kind of nourishment, emotion, thinking so materialization is helpful and supporting or not. Yes, I believe that a for I, You, We, All healthy kind of selfishness is mandatory to progress. Life offers endless varieties and levels of being, from the atom and smaller to the universe and bigger. Our possible divine being for example offers constant pleasure created by salvation. So I suggest to stay tuned with: life! :-)

Higher Awareness through Meditation

If I get teachings and others it can be valid for I, You, We, All. They are of real importance if looking for release and seeking human evolution. The awareness that interactions with the divine is based on voluntariness might ease the path. As there are no preferences at all humanity can be the audience. No matter which situation somebody is in: the teachings can be applied even right away. There is a simple logic behind: The more determined so intense release and evolution are provoked the healthier the result. Nice to know: I, You, We, All can get teachings and others so I’m not one of those crazy human beings! ;-)

Release needs Sophistication

After more than a half of my lifetime I deeply understood how important a good, a real pleasant mood is and to determine it. To enhance any healing and evolutionary process I realized that it’s one of our human tools to feel so experience a more sophisticated life (style). Consequently I feel how important forgiveness so allowance, even gratefulness is. To avoid to misuse my power through punishment, usually to get and gain something I had and still have to determine three releasing elements: love, peace, bliss. As the divine taught me to grant I have to internalize so to focus on the real important elements of I, You, We, All’s release.

From Fear to Confidence

If release is what humanity needs than a few determinations are mandatory. For example one issue is to experience life as salvation so to have confidence into. While the deep fears of lack and loss are human issues the divine approach is confidence. I was taught to do it step wise and to begin with easy issues in daily life.

Brightness and Light are Parts of it

To experience release brightness up til light are parts of it. I don’t know why, I have no real answer for that phenomenon but: if I experience release (on demand) brightness up til light are unavoidable parts of it. Usually I use meditation for that but during the day according thoughts can provoke the same (if distractions aren’t to intense). While in the early years I experienced a step-wise approach (down to four stages of deeper relaxation) I live it today more like a ‘slipping into’. But whatever way it takes: the result is the same. With any augmentation of brightness and light (combined with other reactions) the amount of thoughts is decreased, finally down to zero. As you may imagine I can report that the quality of my life experience is way more pleasant that way. However, be aware that your experiences may totally differ from mine! I simply describe this to show how and that our life experience can be influenced in a better way and this with our own, natural abilities. That’s all.

To support myself is Training

In whatever situation I am: I can always ask myself for help too. Of course I had and have to learn it and it doesn’t work at any time, but I can so others can too. The wonderful thing about it is: I is always and ever with me so in a way it makes sense. Nevertheless this kind of independence needs a start and continues training like anything new and more sophisticated. As I got theoretical and practical advices and answers (how to solve finally any kind of problem) I have to use so materialize it. Internalization is the work to later on make it happen without really thinking about it. Now, how to achieve this? Well, I was introduced to use meditation, constant repetition, ongoing choice and intensification. Of course there are other tools like prayers, however I simply describe mine here. I for myself realized that the most important of all is my motivation: Why do I want to experience evolution?