From Physical to Eternal is: Release

How to doubt the releasing effect on I, You, We, All if life itself turns to be (y)our home

Yes, there is an eternal aspect of life!

Replace ‘process’ by ‘progress’.

If souls speak/ If energy informs situations look different, maybe even contradicting to former experiences

Love love, peace, bliss

The divine feels like a supporting team

Yes, the soul can be happy too! It simply reacts to other values

I, You, We, All is able to increase or its human or its divine values. Motivation with equal determination and decisions are crucial for the according results

To become and be released is like becoming and being a mother or father. It changes: everything!

I, You, We, All are if I, You, We, All is released

Yes, to become and be released I, You, We, All has to decide for it with all its ad- and disadvantages coming along with. And yes, to become and be released is according internalisation by progressing more and more intense. If it helps let’s compare it with becoming and being a musician or sportsman

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