Fundamental Motivation Release

An author”s announcement: I, You, We, All becomes I-You-We-All which is a more intense and I-You-We-All involving expression for humanity. The history behind: I-You-We-All was a title for a whole chapter of my own divine book (One of my tips is: anyone should write its own!)

A real divine message was: Release is what humanity so I-You-We-All needs

In short: Release means I-You-We-All doesn’t have the problem

I-You-We-All is able to grab the dimension I talk about. No proofs needed (as they would be worthless anyway)

The biggest challenge isn’t release based on love, peace, bliss but ignorance and defiance provoked by fears, enormous fears

If the dimension I talk about is understood determination towards release is the next step

The determination towards release has to be stable. Otherwise distractions are obvious

Internalization is done by constant repetition. The more intense the more internalized

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