Human Beings like Students

How can I explain my education for human evolution and its importance for I-You-We-All? Let’s try it this way: Holy higher beings can be seen as  teacher and human beings like students. The rules and laws are offered by life and cannot be changed so no realizable arbitrariness or cheating. They are the same for all, even for the holy higher beings. Life is not only always and ever but is the base of everything too. Primarily the teachings carry the message of love, peace, bliss and (how) to trust in. This happens step wise according to the growing ‘age’. After the teachings they offer us sorts of exercises to see if I-You-We-All got it. If the lessons are not understood, false conclusions made or even denial with destruction takes place the evolutionary process kind of stucks and some have even to repeat ‘classes’. If the teachings and lessons of love, peace, bliss are taken for real and it shows I-You-We-All advance. The higher classes are achieved the more loving, peace- and blissful the being so the occurence of life and vice versa. All this is logic and can be reproduced if the motivation is according.