Let’s look at the Facts

Even so the divine supports: I decides, I creates its own destiny so nobody to blame

One day I was in mathematics. And I got the hint that for the divine so I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process maths are not of interest so unnecessary. Later that day I realized the dimension and change I’m facing for my (so You, We, All’s) evolutionary process. Yes, of course the realization was in a way scary, however, today this aspect is releasing for me as I internalized that love, peace, bliss are the decisive aspects. And yes, mathematics (and all the other human aspects) are not releasing!

I, You, We, All can get its own contact to our next evolutionary level. No exceptions, no preferences, only one’s own decision. So please, never ever create new human ‘leader(s)’ and never ever warship them. After the learning ‘How to evolve’ it’s absolutely unnecessary as human values are at its best appeasing but never releasing.

For sure I, You, We, All cannot cheat nor hurt the divine because love, peace, bliss is already there being

For the divine live is salvation. That’s what they taught me. That’s what I talk about.

For our comprehension work: like a human being might look at animals a divine being might experience us human beings. To make it more clear: If two bugs fight, how big is (y)our interest? But: the taller and smarter, even genius an animal is the more a human being is/ human beings are usually attracted.

Grab the dimension for I, You, We, All’s daily life if release becomes a growing part of it.

Any fear of lack and loss is as well a result of being weakly determined towards release

As far as I experienced it until today the divine cares specifically for I, You, We, All and its evolutionary process, and not for religions, politics, cultures or other human inventions

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