Older Texts: Evolution (English Edition)

Written so Copyright: Patrick Roemer, Munich, Germany


Simply let’s care for it! The idea with the possible manifestation of a personalized monastery includes exactly this. Now, here can be asked: monastery life, vision, healing, evolution on and on. I, You, We, All should use this! Now let’s go for a good and sustainable cooperation!


Be awake, be aware, perceive what really is! If illusions appear replace it by using (again) a bright awakeness. The awakened will experience happiness!


I use the sunrise to rise up myself. The peace, the freshness of the mind, the pleasure from the growing brightness – wonderful aspects to start every day!


An important exercise to speed up healing/ healing processes is a deep relaxation. The deeper this succeeds so is experienced the greater the positive effect on I, You, We, All. Relaxation is equivalent to: Wow, now I feel great, and so do you! In addition life will be experienced much brighter and more friendly: The sun seems to rise, and this quite as well at night! Nothing in this moments of deepest relaxation is more important than the light and peace!


Every person, so I, You, We, All can either choose for the recurrence, the repeat or the non-recurrence, the release. A wonderful determination towards life is… wonderful!


I think it’s vital to escape the whining and howling, and to (re-)turn to love and life! This is similar to any treatment for addictions, yes, away from the usual grievance, and therefore certainly not an easy task. However, it makes sense to embrace it, because being a human then logically continues wonderful!


A monastery expresses the best my motivation: To decide for healing, for life of I, You, We, All! To make it three things are important for me: love, peace, happiness. As the process takes time a (virtual/ intellectual) monastery is the best for me right now.


Finally it’s very simple to be released from it: be internally quiet, even happy and content!!! Create a wonderful determination and use, especially when starting to moan again. Use your ability to be a fine, wise human being without big cravings and unnecessary attachments. Meanwhile keep life as simple as possible, stay awake for the beauty and possibilities offered. Life has plenty of it even so they might be unknown right now!!!


From money always only a certain group of people can benefit. Money will always be limited in its effect. Dependence and manipulation are the consequences. Life, however, is everywhere, always and ever available for humanity. All benefit from, at any time, unlimited. Life is the true wealth! Just as I understand the virtual monastery: Anyone can do it any time, and carry it around for and with himself. This requires no contortions.


It’s wonderful to stand up (again) for life itself! Waking up and admire the magnificence of existence as a human being inside a gigantic universe full of still to be explored dimensions of being! Being happy, being satisfied, being healed of all the evil, because so painful things! Where else do you, do we want to go otherwise as towards life?


The determination is allowed to be wonderful! One that deals with the issue of I and my processes, further even with You, We and All and their love, peace, bliss to be.  That’s exactly the reason why I was pointed to life too! What else is available to humanity, finally even salvating without ever being able to be limited, ever coming to an end?


Over the years it really makes sense, simply easier to take things wiser and be more relaxed. Meditation and prayer are the best proofs: Let the own panic, the own madness behind, leave the cycle of pain and sorrow, continue. Refrain, let the mind come to rest (again), calm the noise inside, and devote yourself to light and love (again)! This really can happen anywhere and at any time, it really requires no special room or situation or point in time, but the alertness and attention and willingness of I, You, We, All.


Humanity is neither tangible nor can I, You, We, All smell it. It also isn’t touchable, can’t even be seen. However, it’s there, but finally only as an idea. No one is able to greet, to delight, to enrich it as a whole, except in spirit. So leaving the small dimensions of the handouts and kisses, it will be inevitable to get an altered experience. This is inevitable if humanity is the subject.


There are those moments in one’s life where I, You, We, All can, may, should, maybe need to decide for life! There are those moments where the course will be set if even for the long run a happy, even released life is more important than the lack, even loss.


Celebrate! Being a human being, humanity must be celebrated! No one has to be constantly sad or care for unnecessary fears. I, You, We, All have the permission to create the best out of the ugly for I, You, We, All! Everyone should be welcome to feel free, and learn to love life! This is to celebrate!


For me, an expression of thinking from the ego to humanity, ultimately without borders, ultimately with this new setting: Even there it goes on! Humanity isn’t an illusion, humanity is a truth! It exists, and indeed worldwide! So if I benefits from something, does it finally also support humanity, so all? Life’s our best role model: It’s there for all of us, always, everywhere. So, I/ I can still learn a lot from!


The deeper the meditation the brighter it gets. This phenomenon takes place with closed eyes: light is seen, but different. The thinking eases until it disappears. This experienced quietness is the peace many ask for. It can be experienced if it’s practised. That’s not mystic but the result of a particular action.


Do I sit or lie, do I feel comfortable, perhaps too comfortable so that I don’t want to get up I nevertheless experience these strong moments of getting up again : For this, I want to live! For that I want to be there! This is my wish! For that I am there! That’s my determination! Healing.


Once man understands what he doesn’t need he will wonder what else is additionally possible.


An ‘I am’ is so effective because it doesn’t know lack, and cannot be lost. An ‘I am’ is so wonderful and imperishable because it changes people itself. This requires nothing except the thinking and feeling itself, but these tools are already there!


Even if love, peace and happiness are values that many of us have been taught as really ridiculous, because they finally don’t exist anyway, and neither bring career nor money, my observations and experience tends in a different direction too. Love, peace and happiness are values that I, You, We, All can experience, even at any time! They also cost nothing, no matter where I’m. Ultimately, these three trivial values are profitable for all because they can exist instead of worries, hardships and pain! That’s what I was taught later. Now, I have to decide whether they constantly exist, or not.


A development so an evolutionary process can take place within a second or need more than a life’s long. A single (deep) decision makes the difference whether (deep) hate or love, whether (deep) grief or joy are experienced. This isn’t my invention, but an experience that I don’t wanna miss!


Isn’t it nice to get up for a good and happy mood? Isn’t it wonderful to ignore sometimes the perceived lacks and losses, and to simply enjoy life itself? Isn’t it adorable to be able to experience a heavenly accompaniment?


To learn and experience beauty, love, peace, happiness within medicine? For me today a necessity like the air to breath, the water to drink, the food to eat! Yes, it really needs wonderful feelings (again) to really be healed! To be it instead of is a real challenge for I, You, We, All that can, should, sometimes must be mastered!


Be cured and to stand up, live, experience it became important aspects of my daily healing art. Losses exist, lack of perfection anyway. However, wonder are possible, evolutionary processes are and remain parts of our being, and this not only as a human being but especially as soul. This comprehension can be achieved and internalized later.


Just coming to rest. Doing nothing. Doing really nothing. Simply being there. It’s not as easy as it looks like. Because unexpectedly it can get noisy in the head. A race begins, sometimes uncontrollably. Unwanted feelings pass by, although it was asked for peace. The anger cannot wait to show up too. But do I simply continue the moment appears where it all comes to rest, perhaps even deeper than ever before. Where light and silence develop, where the environment doesn’t exist anymore, but only the desired peace in the mind. Far from the Troubles, perhaps waiting for me again. After the silence the strength, the brightness, the realization occurs: I can do more!


Life corresponds to a development with periods of rest. If I, You, We, All start with something the commenced grows either way. Repetitions provoke that situations and experiences will become clearer and more present in the course of time. The structures become tighter and tighter, an escape more difficult until unlikely although this will perhaps be asked for someday. This way out of desired or undesired determined an experiencing is created. Decisive polarizations use this repetition until it’s internalized.


What can be changed will (ongoing) be changed. What cannot be changed will always remain. The change plays with the extremes of ‘getting’, but also with ‘losing’ again. Life, however, is forever and ever, indestructible, anywhere, absolutely anywhere for I, You, We, All, Everything as its base of being. To devote himself to life isn’t only absolutely fair because it exists for any form of existence and is fully available accordingly, but as well always and at any time.


To devote oneself to life is a decision for life! I, You, We, All have the opportunity to turn towards life at any time. The advantage is the vitality, the alertness, the joy! It’s the way out (again), the getting up (if wanted). What’s pure theory here can and may be materialized!


To develop a good mood, a solution, a joyful experience out of the fear is a wonderful step! A step that can and is allowed to be trained: When the fear, the panic comes up continue consciously thinking, go on, act. Do I start with small challenges than in the course of time I can face also larger ones.


It’s a decision of I, You, we, All whether to spread fear and terror, or to live and experience love, peace and happiness. The results cannot be more contradicting: restlessness to panic, or trust and standing up, be there, be present, be vital, welcome life, maybe even humanity one day!!!


Vulnerability is still present! Because of lack and loss it can be provoked anytime and everywhere. That I, You, We, All create an according comprehension of life with all its evolutionary offers makes sense as it contains solutions that go far beyond the already experienced: Love, peace, bliss!


The healed, holy being is simply to wonderful to be real. Therefore the trust in our vulnerability is mostly bigger than into our release. However, simply the application of light and love, of peace and bliss are internalizing it too. This on the other hand creates more trust into life. All this is accessible for I, You, We, All.


Life’s there, always and ever. No one is excluded, nor the totally loved or hated participants. So, being a part of life is normal, and within life there are no exceptions. Life’s the same, whether here or there, whether for her or for him or for it, whether yesterday, today or tomorrow. The only decisions to make are the way to treat and to use life. Now, polarisation creates.


To create something within I, You, We, All’s thinking that more and more helps to even manage the most difficult situations is not only allowed but meaningful too. Something that doesn’t cause worries and hardships, but in the contrary the release from it, is a wonderful investment in being and evolution!


Theoretically it makes sense to create a strong, present and active carrying mind. If this becomes even stronger, more present and more and more vivid as the ugly it turns to be a tool to achieve a wonderful being! This I, You, We, All can do for our evolutionary processes.


Let’s stay alive, be healthy, wake up, become and keep calm. Life’s there, humanity too, no matter how much I, You, We, All complain! Panic isn’t helpful anymore, and to fear life? Makes no sense. It’s there. It was there before we were born and even will continue after we die. So better comprehend and experience than fight it.


Nature with its laws is very simple: Do I, You, We, All stay in a loop all known comes back. Is the loop enlarged more comes back, and unexpected too. Is the loop, the extent reduced less is happening so coming back too. Is a cycle left (behind) a new experience is the consequence.


The world I,You, We, All live in depends on I,You, We, All. So it can be cruel and ugly, or wonderful and releasing. Polarisation is a tool that helps to differentiate between things to come back, maybe even worse, or to leave a cycle, maybe even forever.


I, You, We, All are vulnerable: that’s our big challenge! The feelings of lack or loss cause panic and deep fears, unfortunately pain as well. However, I, You, We, All aren’t helpless but posses strong tools inside us: it’s love, it’s peace, it’s bliss triggered by relaxation. Cultivating, first of all inside of I, causes experiences with it which in turn causes more and more asking for and living with.


There are many emotions not needed anymore. Sorrow is a such one. With all the depression and panic and fear in it: there are better and wiser things to experience! Do we need a proof? Well, we’re still alive and still can improve!!! Life’s salvation.


Of course (deep) fears, panic attacks and depressions can be exchanged by wonderful elements of life as if not life would be really cruel: Only vulnerability as base of life? However, this step includes an awakening. Ask your holy spirit, go for it, it’s there as long as I, You, We, All can even imagine, and longer! There isn’t only appeasement but standing up and growth as well! Only the decision for life is salvific in the long-run too.


I’m aware that I, You, We, All are alive when able to read this. However, when I’m alking about to take a decision for life it goes beyond this fact! It includes not the preparation for death but for life as wonderful playground, unlimited, all the time! So, even when nothing seems to work anymore the decision for life is always possible! 


Let’s enjoy the pleasure to be awake! Let’s enjoy the fun to be brilliant in some parts! Even so it doesn’t look like: already the readiness to accept life as ultimate source of wealth is a wonderful package of enjoyment for I, You, We, All!


And if I’ve understood something again, then I’m glad to say that for a true healing it has to be stood up for. I can’t pass it to anyone. Getting up is done in- as outside. It’s the only way to experience deep healing.


The Divine is available, anywhere at anytime, no exceptions! I, You, We, All can try and experience it on any place on earth, even universe, and within every, even smallest or biggest time experience. As the Divine releases it’s first of all unimaginable, nevertheless available on request to oneself as being!


In which kind of world does I/ do I live? In the vulnerable world of getting, having, pleasing, lacking and losing, but finally as well experiencing sorrow, pain, disease and death? What about the fears and panic, re-occurring here and there, well-defined or somehow? Or is it (first of all visionary, later on becoming) a world full of deep trust into life, plenty of love, unselfish care, wonderful peace and bliss as even more and more continues experience on a daily base? Depending on the decision and the according results the determination of I, You, We, All is responsible.


Recurrence or non-recurrence is a question that finally decides how the further being will be, finally is. With the according comprehension the determination isn’t far if the fears aren’t too strong. However, the decision for the non-recurrence must be stronger at any time than any kind of own as others discredit.


To initially consciously enjoy existence brings confidence and serenity. To steer life in that particular direction increases the probability to experience love, peace and happiness. Sometimes someone’s thinking has even to be more determined and kept on with it, otherwise fear and panic become too strong (again).


To evolve from (deep, old, well known) fears and panic into a new trustful being I/ I should, finally must be determined. A new, deep being that has the comprehensive potential to create: beauty for I, You, We, All! Even everywhere beauty, for example as mentioned in form of trust all around. For that the internalisation of the determination must be intense and thoroughly.


Instead’ is a common way to experience things in a different way. And: it’s not only possible, it’s reality! However, the first intense thing that has to be done is the decision for any kind of improvement. So, for example instead to experience fear and panic (attacks) to take the decision ‘No, not that way but with confidence (in oneself) and bliss’: that’s a real change towards beauty!!! On and on and on and on and …


And if a man, the man still, again oder recently suffers then it’s probably the fears that still, again or recently accompagnes a man, the man. And if a human, the human still, again or recently trusts life then it’s perhaps the bliss that still, again or recently accompagnes a man, the man.


The fear and even panic I, You, We feel isn’t the fault of someone else, it’s our own, our pure experience. It’s the world I, You, We live in. Looking for reasons that others are the cause is one day a nice amusement but if repeating cycles of accusations begin it becomes useless, further on logically even harmful for All. Now the own comprehension work has to be initiated, the own determination has to take place and become active! The own decision to leave that unpleasant cycle and enter a wonderful one is responsible for a much deeper internalisation of the determined release: Life!


Yes, I, You, We, All face evolutionary processes. Anytime, everywhere, no exceptions. If I understood something then that!


The greater the joy of being the easier it’s experienced. This way (deep) fears, worries and needs are accordingly replaced with a lightness that takes away the drama of most situations. Suddenly something appears beautiful that wasn’t intended to be so enjoyable so far. This in turn positively affects the own as well as others evolutionary processes.


Definitely proceed to not have your subject, your problem, whatever it may be again, and yes, tentatively even be released from it. So who experiences that he has made nothing from his life (again), because he has this or that fear to panic: Leave the circuit, and trust furthermore in life as something wonderful!


So far I’ve understood that there are roughly three worldviews: the animal, the human and the sacred. The former doesn’t practice comprehension work, is just living what body and mind ask for. The second may practice comprehension work and be determined but still has to deal with birth, pain and death, so getting, having and losing. The last one is redeemed, as it has nothing to do with the two previously mentioned anymore. It has left the physicality and attained the holy as being.


Polarisation is a natural tool that helps to evade any kind of topic. It’s a tool that supports the achievement of the previously determined to internalize it accordingly. Because: Each circumstance includes, every imaginable condition involves the contrary too. Now it’s simply the choice whether I, You, We, All decides yes or no, taking, being or rejecting to have, to be.


The healing willing, the healed existence requires some decisive elements. Initially there’s the comprehension: This way I cannot continue (any longer). Then the determination follows: That’s where I want to/ should be. In accordance with the determination I have/ I has to get up and materialize it someday. Then the attainment is a matter of time: Now I’m / I is.


If prejudice/ judgments are only confirmed again then it’s up to I and that it has stopped instead of evolved.


Those who want deep healing must (eventually) get up for it. Deep healing depends on the confidence in his own wonderful being while experiencing bliss. Not the decision for death but for life is salvation.


And then, with appropriate determination, there’s the day, the moment, the situation in which a deep fear isn’t anymore but a pleasant deep breathing appears. Confidence spreads, peace returns, a smile is possible. And life is wonderful happy (again)!


Inner peace doesn’t need any kind of appeasement as inner peace is already peace itself: Craving for or lacking is history.


Month ago my inner voice/ my holy spirit asked me while biking why I’m not happier now? I had no answer except that I actually hadn’t the vaguest notion of why. However, I started asking myself again why I’m not in a better shape, and for a good period of time I didn’t find any satisfying answer. One morning I remembered my determination, my awakening and standing up, my being and their internalisation. What remained were no questions and answers but a being.


If time’s no longer a factor the next evolutionary step is completed.


To further develop so to avoid repeating topics, usually with known outcome, it’s important to overcome certain fears one day. Through constant efforts, through trust exercises, through concentration with increasing intensity a phenomenon can grow that’s full of presence.


And then it appears, bliss, unquestioned, unexpected!


There’s a remarkable line between appeasement and peace. While the first person is looking for getting and having, maybe even more and more because he’s strongly and deeply craving for something specific the second one is already in peace. He doesn’t need anymore but is happy, just like this. So, the difference between having and being is quite remarkable.


The human being is satisfied by gratification. The dependence becomes visible in imminent or real lack and loss. On the other hand experiences play a role and can trigger the corresponding (deep) fears. A salvation of such dependencies is true and deep healing (work).


If healing/ the divine/ salvation is to much humanized nothing will change. Only when this being is on its own as something that is extraordinary because it really is compared to human existence, I, You, We, All experience the corresponding conversion too.


Still to often praying means: Give me something (I’m lacking this or that), do something for me (change the situation etc.). But that’s not how it works because this would mean: Here, you create the world how I like it, but you and not me are responsible. I just continue like ever before. But that doesn’t work, that doesn’t work at all as experience shows as it excludes the own as others divine nature. What really creates what I want is to turn the demands around, to confront I with and face them, finally create/ materialise it myself. This independently so always works!


Healing, the Divine, God doesn’t need any kind of spectacle. It’s clear- and brightness, it’s understanding and materialising of release from suffering is more than that: It’s evolution!


Healing has as many different faces as forms of being exist. However, the evolutionary process follows one single concept: enhancement and growth, finally even the release from suffering. That’s the Divine aspect of life, the next step I, You, We, All can create.


Will a healing result be experienced the fundamental cause of pain and suffering must be changed. It makes sense to improve its own life rhythm and patterns that additionally have corresponding positive evolutionary impact: What do I pass over I, You, We, All? For that I should stand up as early as possible and remain awake. 


Don’t dwell in the past anymore, don’t be shocked from the future and the bad and cruel human beings who destroy whatsoever: Care for the here and now and its love! The advantage: It’s your creation! I, You, We, All are able to create, here and now, the world we like to live in. It’s not a joke, that’s reality! So, care for the beauty, care for the evolutionary processes and the release from finally all suffering by internalizing and experiencing it more and more. Why not?


I, You, We, All have to decide whether it would like to continue fight and suffer, or if it’s ready to take the chance to change. Abilities and possibilities are always there! The Divine continuously offers love, light and healing, however it has to be gone for. This fact never changed and is never ever going to change. Holiness is a released being, a real step towards beauty which has to be materialized by the human beings itself, no matter by whom, where and when.


Any change is a single decision away, no matter who, where and when. The internalization of it takes longer as repetition with growing intensity needs time, but every single decision is a single answer away. Always and ever, no exceptions.


It makes sense to stand up for its own as others healing. It makes even more sense if humanity benefits from it. So, like life: It’s there for I, You, We, All! Let’s decide for life!


Steady blasphemy, constant doubt, permanent defaming (eg. of certain groups of people), easy excitability by apparently little things, continuous brooding, etc. is with loss of control quite comparable to an addiction disorder: At the end results one’s own as others destruction. Upon request, this process is at some point, somewhere, somehow definitely to stop, at the best as early as possible, and ‘voluntarily’! A wonderful determination needs deep trust, forgiving love, thorough bliss, proactive joy of living, etc. This corresponds to a deep healing of your own as others evolutionary processes!


Life should become a wonderful aspect within I, You, We, All’s being. However, it has to be avoided that life becomes something not to care for. In the contrary! Life with all its possibilities and magnificence should become THE element of being! A specific, very ambitious determination gives a hand to make it: a bright being!


A real change in (deep) fears is only when there’s a real change. This is effected by: waking up, getting up and to continue to live differently. Background is an understanding that I developed which leads to an active determination: experiences can even be more wonderful, vivid, trusted!


To avoid the ugly it makes sense to care (more and more) for the beauty of life. Through an according determination with intensifying internalisation I, You, We, All have the capacity to experience peace. For that nothing special is needed.


To live more and more in truth instead of illusions means to be more and more able to realize the future and how it becomes. A distinction is that depending on the perspective, depending on the developed being truths differ, can even contradict.


Who’s happy has automatically a better breathing. Who has a better breathing, is automatically happier


I, You, We, All are allowed to live the absolute beauty. No matter where and when: The time and place to experience bliss are more and more right! Don’t hurt others so yourself, don’t hurt yourself so others, but be in love: and if it’s life itself!


Wake up, get up, stay awake: The motivation is crucial for the following result.


If there were no opposites, only healing would be


Don’t look, yell or point to someone else but turn out and bring up your own divine nature first


In my mind healing is the shift away from disease and death, and the decision for life (of I, You, We, All)


Together it’s easier: Let’s stop the embarrassing complains. I compare it with alcohol: A little bit is somehow OK but too much starts to destroy oneself as others. Let’s find the limit. And yes, much better recall and learn (again) the beauty and support of life in I, You, We, All. For sure that’s really worth it!!! However, I’m aware that it’s work as it appears like a detoxication.


Who lives in truth knows what’s coming.


Is waking up, getting up, further life full of joy and happiness, full of recovery and salvation, then it was the right decision!


Care for I, You, We, All’s development. Offer support for I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process. That’s more than enough, and let’s feel good about it!


A, better let’s say this fact makes all the difference: the inner peace! Regardless of what has been lived and experienced before: It’s the inner peace that makes all the difference! Here rests the greatest of all evolutionary progresses.


Those who completely honest with themselves decide for a (deep) healing, a thorough healing process experience already at the moment of the true decision an improvement. That’s logic.


Same fears, same problems, no matter who, where, when. Only who really and fundamentally works on his deep fears lack and loss so on the ‘Who am I?’ will leave known cycles and experience trust. That’s a real challenge!


Be aware: Never ending cycles are everywhere. Choose the one that offers, why not, more and more release.


An evolutionary step is performed when the desire for constant gratification and the longing of people has been replaced by the desire for redemption and its experience.


Gratification and longing are elements of the deep fears lack and loss I, You, We, All have. Overcoming this cycle of constant attempts to appease means to experience life in another form of being.


I, You, We, All are rich: Life’s endless and at all times. The being has to be changed accordingly.


There are things that might be impracticable, impossible. However, finally they are just a single decision away. For example beauty. Let’s decide for it and I, You, we, All are: beauti-, even wonderful!


What does I take, avoid, sabotage, destroy or give, donate, develop for I, You, We, All? Which motivation of more having or more being do I spread within me, in my surrounding, into the world? Which (deep) fears or forms of confidence do I distribute, convey? What’s the highest form of it? What’s the goal?


If a divine evolutionary process is in mind and determined the worst thing that can happen is in- as outside complaint. In the beginning it might get whatsoever clearer (if used as a mirror) to I, You, We, All but finally it’s never going to be an enhancement in itself as constant defamation is like any abuse: finally worthless because destructive. If a divine evolutionary process is in mind and determined THIS should BE more and more, and nothing else 


Where do YOUR decisions lead to? Love, peace, confidence, bliss for I, You, We, All? Do they stop life or do they put it right into the middle?


Don’t fear, but trust and be confident. The decision for life, on and on, is always releasing.


Decide for life and its beauty


Of course it can happen that unconsciousness has led you, even others to certain places and/ or situations you don’t want you, maybe others to be. Of course unhappiness can be the result of unawareness or stubbornness or defiance. As well unnecessary fears influenced yours and others life, even right now. Nevertheless, crazy things like love, peace and bliss are available, as well right here, right now. Let’s trust in life, it cares for I, You, We, All! 


The human being can really become and be an obstacle if the dimension that matters is known and realized. Such a healing is a challenge that goes on and on.


With knowledge and experience but as well open- and readiness the human being gets the ability whether to continue with the ugly or to realize an evolutionary wider experience of life. This aspect becomes more and more an important awareness of the talents I, You, We, All have.


Await and be happy to do the next evolutionary step! Experience it, even right now. It’s the only way to create: constant release.


Be aware that you keep yourself and others busy. That’s what we call: I’m experiencing myself and others. Exciting or ugly: both are unavoidable parts of our life as human being. So, let’s don’t cry if something happens but be aware of it that something can always happen, no matter what I do as a human being. As result take your possibilty, your ability to go on less vulnerable by not having this or that problem anymore but the solution: release!


Release is possible, every day, every night. (Deep) Fears cause the rejection I, You, We, All may feel. For that tools like prayers or meditation may help out to reduce the resistance, even overcome it.


Don’t create huge theories anymore. Stay with the deep fears lack and loss and become aware of it. Whether to appease or to heal them is I, You, We, All’s decision.


To achieve healing I, You, We, All have to give up especially our profound fears of lack and loss. In my opinion talking about healing means to trust in life with all its possibilities. I, You, We, All have to be aware that any small as bigger decision comes along with an according evolutionary process. However, facing lack and loss are parts of the process in order to result in becoming and being: released!


Who turns in cycles knows pretty much what’s happening once again although not exactly when. Leaving a cycle with a resolute determination to avoid the repetition means to be able to create exactly what was understood before.


Love is not the problem that should be feared but the determined and internalized solution


If you start to argue, complain, insult, no matter where, when, what, nobody can help you, not even your holy spirit. So, calm down, listen, be attentive, trust: It’s cared for!


Creating is I, You, We, All’s daily business


Interesting is that many times it’s still believed that a from deep fears released being is harmful, even averse to a wonderful life. But the only difference is the development of a being instead of a having.


Logically the logic of the lifestyles of more having or deeper being differ from each other. While more having concentrates on accumulation and protection so dependences being is released from specific circumstances, finally even from suffering and death. I, You, We, All decide.


A healed holy life has, no matter when, where, what, basically a ready to use peaceful, lovely and blissful solution for I, you, we, all. It only needs to be understood, determined and internalized.


Starting to care for evolutionary processes I, You, We, All have to consider that being a human is limited because of an end while life is always and ever. This contradiction is part of our (un-)conscious routine as vulnerable beings with according experiences facing this waste and overwhelming energy. Yes, life is energy and I, You, We, All are able to use it on a daily base, finally endless too!


From a certain point on there’s only a silken scarf hanging from the sky keeping you from here to there. Blow it away!


No blaming anymore for whatever but a real commitment for I, You, We, All’s holy spirit. We’re all souls and no one grows by learning to or really defaming, even killing someone else. The only possibility to infinitely grow is to leave the cycle of blaming so finally crucifying and to care for I, You, We, All’s awakening evolutionary process.


For me today it’s not so much the question anymore if I, You, We, All are able to change things or not. We are: Love, infatuation and getting (more, much more), as well as ugly and cruel happenings are the proof that it just depends on the amount of the impact it has on our daily life to finally move. For me today the question of voluntariness is way more crucial. Are I, You, We, All able to really experience a holy evolutionary process just by wanting not to suffer anymore? Am I/ Is I able to overcome and maintain the release of those deep fears of lack and loss just because of a wonderful comprehension with according determination?


Don’t be afraid: Real love doesn’t hurt because it spreads beauty. Real love enhances yours and others life, even humanity’s. Why? Because it changes the point of view. I’m able to excuse, willing to give, experiencing the fullness of life. It has this beautiful face of a smiling angel, this ability to cope with wonder and the unexpected. It’s full of respect towards I, You, We, All. Real love is open for humanity to be, for the world to exaggerate, for life, for salvation. Yes, real love is worth to live it! Don’t try it, make it!


Everything or everybody approved to be defamed, even killed can be healed instead. So, it’s up to any kind of decision with following internalisation whether killing or healing is and will be.


Decide for life, for I, You, We, All’s beauty, on and on. Work on fears and replace it by trust, deep inner trust, in general or specific, because it’s worth it, even for humanity. Don’t blame you, others because of troubles but care for: Life!!! Life is humanity’s treasure, everywhere, endless.


Holiness, or let’s call it life, is really simple to handle for I, You, We, All. It needs no special tactics or overwhelming strategies or whatsoever methods to get something more. It simply has to do with a being, a clear and pure holy one. So, there’s only one ‘law’: Whether I, You, We, All decide for it, or not. This way any kind of manipulation, education or discussion, punishments, even repetitive combined with killings (in name of), or real daily doubts are waste, no matter which culture. Yes, I, You, We, All have to understand that holiness is a simple decision away.


As human beings I, You, We, All are vulnerable, no matter where and when. Yes, we all are able to avoid more or less diseases and pain, however the final result is always the same, no matter of age and gender. As logic as emotional consequence it makes sense to begin and continue to care for other possibilities, especially when presented and offered by holy spirits. Since milleniums they are able to show ways to quit the dilemma between appeasement here or full of love evolutionary further developed there.


Real and vital love is devotion full of trust within a wonderful experience, even of timelessness. Peace and bliss enter the being of I, You, We, All, whether depending or not. In that state of being things, rules and others matters less because every little thing is: wonderful fulfilling!


To spread an evolutionary healing process means to experience it before sharing: I left the cycle! That’s important because without knowledge and power is spread but not healing. Healing for further evolutionary development processes has to do with love, peace, bliss: Let I, You, We, All experience it by leaving those cycles of pain and death, then stood up and simply spread!


For I, You, We, All’s life it’s decisive whether the motivation is fear or love. I’ve no doubt to say that the depth and the intensity of an according decision is responsible for the outcome. And yes, if love is the main aspect, who really wants to reject and defeat it to feel comfortable and safe?


A look at daily life is sufficient to realize: The clearer and intense the/ a decision (for or against something, it doesn’t matter) is taken, the more realistic the experience. Therein is an irreversible polarization. So for example a decision for more having hinders more being, and vice versa. This natural law is essential.


In accordance with the determination healing art is completely effective or ineffective. Therefore not the art of healing is decisive, but the motivation. Many discussions may be conducted, but ultimately it’s only the result of uncertainty. Someone clearly decided doesn’t require further guidance anymore, because he’s aware of the outcome.


Get quiet! The divine is always here and now because I, You, We, All can from here and now on be it. Breath deeply, it’s your tool. Become it, no matter where and what your problems are. Deep and slow breathing releases without power and free of arms but with dignity.


Evolutionary processes are possible, even on a global base. And: I, You, We, All are able achieving it. For that we neither need money, power or weapons but voluntary love and trust, and intensifying it. These are the tools to overcome suffering. Suffering is the song of fears (Timo R.). Love is the result of evolution.


To become and be love, peace, bliss is at the same time the overcoming and healing of injuries, so fears I, You, We, All have and will experience.


Love is healing. I mean real love, here and now. Really experiencing, becoming, internalizing, being it, and I, You, We, All are the enhanced evolutionary process. Love is pleasure, love is release, love is bliss. It’s worth it!


Love is as real as evolution is! Accordingly, suffering or bliss has to be understood and decided by I, You, We, All.


The problem isn’t love. The problem is that I, You, We, All make a problem out of it. Love, I mean divine love is the release of issues and not the cause. Therefore if there are no disagreements but bright light and beauty then it’s I, You, We, All’s evolution.


I’m not willing anymore to replace my holy mother and father by money and power. I decided that love is more important in and for my being. I stay with love.


I, You, We, All have to be open for the beauty and miracles of life to experience it. This kind of acceptance makes sense as it prepares for, finally is the next evolutionary step: less suffering!


The fear of and to love is so great that I, You, We, All accept more pain, fight and loss then the release of it. No matter where and when, being in love with life including all its offers and having according experiences is really full of beauty and miracles! It finally just needs according decisions.


The divine part of I, You, We, All is love. And: The divine love isn’t only the satisfaction and pacifying of I, but You, We, All as well.


It’s important to understand the divine messages in crazy things some people do with according motivation as without equivalent comprehension the results look weird. Of course the mental authorities, the valutas has to be changed away from the human, and towards the divine point of view: Life as an indestructable, always present, released experience!


To basically decide for love is an option for I, You, We, All, not a must. It has the advantage of an absolute peaceful being which in fact is as unique as love is. The missing experience can be replaced by a learning process which is finally unavoidable if determined to go for: love.


Life is so diverse that it offers I, You, We, All, even the decision whether death or life is our authority. It gives us all the opportunity to create our being either with more hate or more human, even divine love. Life allows each individual to take up or lay down arms. These decisions are, due to continuous polarization, the creation of the world in which I, You, We, All live right now.


Nature itself shows I, You, We, All two different kinds of beings: the deadly, and the endless one. Deadly is all that is born, that grows, has to be maintained in a specific way and, if not possible, that disappears again. Additionally there’s always this endless being: life! Life’s always and ever! Life can be understood as energy, endless energy. Can you imagine how many atoms it takes to create a human body? Now imagine what number it needs to create earth, the sun. But there are many of them, and because of a more detailed observation the number is still growing. So, to be realistic, life is more than I, You, We, All. To take the chance to explore it it’s important to constantly decide for life! That’s a really realistic human evolutionary process.


I know and I’m aware that becoming a divine part of life is difficult: I, You, We, All have to ‘lose’ being human, and become divine instead. In this case ‘Losing’ means to voluntary do the steps that usually diseases and finally death do: withdrawing from the old, and opening up for the new so changing values. The crucial difference is that the divine is a determined being, called creation that is helpful for I, You, We, and especially All. Only the divine is released from suffering and death because of its evolutionary divine being. Experience it, and don’t believe in it!


All divine elements are as crucial for our evolutionary process as water and bread is for I, You, We, All today. However, the divine values differ from the human one’s: They cause release, not appeasement. The more I, You, We, All want to have the more appeasement, the more divine I, You, We, All want to be the more release is the result. Let’s look for the good and not for the ugly inside!


The divine path is the healing one. It offers I, You, We, All the clear- and brightness we need to experience more love and peace instead of sorrow. However, it has to be determined to live that way. It has not only to be determined, it has to be internalized. This way divinity isn’t anymore a phantastic belief but a pure reality that is enhanced by (y)our trust in the divine support. And the best thing about it: I, You, We, All are invited, anytime, everywhere, on and on, endless!


Awake your awareness of and get up for the divine! Stay awake and realize that I, You, We, All create the beauty of life, or not. It’s our creation and not divine made as divinity is already there. That’s another reality, yes, why not, far away from suffering and pain, but full of love and peace. Life, so divinity is real as I, You, We, All can experience it. It was there a thousand years ago as well as it will be in a thousand years, so today too! I, You, We, All can be open for and even be voluntarily determined to experience it. Absolutely!


To care for the soul means nothing else than to listen to it. It’s a learning process, no doubt. To be open, to be aware, to be part of is new for lots of us. However, it’s a learning process, a voluntary one. Go for it! It might hurt, but be aware that repeating diseases and death aren’t free of pain and suffering too. Now decide which process to initiate so take.


What, if the absolute beauty of life appears? Are I, You, We, All ready to go for it and leave the ugly and brutal parts of today’s life behind? Yes, it’s a kind of readiness to say: I finally go for my and others release and for that I realize life as salvation!


There might be the day where you look for the wonder of life and say: Hey, where is the wonder of life, what’s the purpose of it? Well, the answer might not be the one you expect but the wonder of life is: your decision! That’s the wonder of life: I, You, We, All’s choice to be released from this or that, to be healed, to create, to be part of life, even endless if I, You, We, All want. That’s not a joke but the pure reality humanity lives in, and you can proof it to yourself, anytime, everywhere. Go for the wonder of life, be there for humanity, why not? I know fears are the problem and I, You, We, All have to work on it but the result is the wonder of life. Isn’t it worth it?


Release of suffering and pain, in other words becoming and being beauty and love are the main topics of your soul, so angels, holy spirits. How do I know? First of all: Love, peace and bliss aren’t miracles as souls as angels as holy spirits exist, and this even if I, You, We, All aren’t determined accordingly in the beginning. All of it, and even more can be around, all the time, unlimited. To continue it simply depends on I, You, We, All’s conscious wish, decision and growing ability to communicate accordingly, so to be open and ready for that kind of evolutionary being. This way everybody can start and continue to ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ and ‘see’ all the holy spirits around, carrying for: Love and divinity! That’s all!


I understood that for life so the divine time is no factor. Endlessness has nothing to do with getting older or being young nor it has to deal with birth or death but with being. Therefore the divine can be so releasing!!! Within the endlessness changes exist, being exists but neither lack nor loss. For the divine only the energy matters: what do I, what does I spread so be? Therefore the creation of I, and accordingly You, We, All is the main aspect in life: what do I care for, and especially what and who am I?


Today for me fear, even so realistically present and influencing one’s life on a daily base, isn’t the biggest issue anymore. Awareness awakened by my divine attendance with according observations pointed out that the main reason for suffering and pain is the lack in being and remaining determined. If I, You, We, All fear something it can be replaced by I, You, We, All’s determination for love, peace, bliss. Of course it’s easier to reject or pass on the responsibility, no doubt, and I’m, maybe was the best proof but life works differently, especially if evolutionary processes are understood and: determined!


The determined is internalized when I, You, We, All don’t need any power anymore to make it. The determined ability is then a part of daily life and finally being. According to one’s decision the determined can be something ending or neverending. And of course it can be something wonderful and loving. Why not?


Divine love, peace, bliss is to wish I, You, We, All the best and to care for without possessing or controlling but: loving! As I’m treated by the divine entities on a voluntary base it’s really okay to be the same way: with a smiling heart and face, with a wonderful intention and released experience so a wonderful being. Evolution isn’t finished yet so still goes on as it’s a determined process, willingly of love!


Isn’t it sad how poor and worthless the holy being is treated in daily life? Let’s remember, it’s the only possibility to be released from suffering and pain, but who really cares, even and especially in daily life? I even observe the protection from as it seems to be evil and brutal so scaring because withdrawing from all the beauties in life. Just some, maybe just a few of us realize that the divine being is love, peace and bliss in the same time so the most beautiful and astonishing being in life! And it would be even the only evolutionary process that leads to a constant release! But instead: The real mind-blowing thing about divinity is that accusations, defamation, even harsh punishments exist because having a lot is more responsible so worthy as being divine. Yes, a lack, even a loss of the divine is more appreciated and human as the divine being on a daily base. Isn’t this sad?


Create! Create a being that’s full of beauty and love: I, You, We, All are able to! Why not, the divine isn’t brutal and painful but release. It’s just the next step in our possible determined evolutionary process of becoming and being. I trust in it because I realized that I, You, We, All can start right away, today, and create a blissful world for all of us.


The Divine isn’t a sad thing or event for some crazy fools neglecting all the beauties of daily life. The Divine is a life committing intention that from our human point of view results in and within life as an advanced experience! It’s the wonderful being some of us are aware of and count on, and that for sure! Well understood and determined the divine being isn’t so far away but a matter of I, You, We, All’s decision. So the Divine is even closer as many of us don’t even like to imagine. Don’t fear the Divine but become part of it if you want. The human way will always remain the vulnerable and painful one while the divine is released from.


The clearer, the more constant a determination is the more confidence appears because the result is: clear and constant! However, especially for the long-term being it has to be realized that a for I, You, We, All respectful and carrying, even divine decision is wiser for the evolutionary process instead of remaining within a cycle of lack and loss, so suffering.


The divine world isn’t a rewarding one. It’s not like money: I do something good or very good, and then I get money for it. The divine world is a being, so or I am or I am not. The reward, if we talk about something like that, is the being itself, so myself, I itself: Being happy, being released from this or that. The happier I become the more generous and loving the energy I spread. The more released from this or that the brighter I am. That’s the evolutionary process I, You, We, All can initiate and internalize 


Whatever I, You, We, All think and keep on doing is. Nothing, even love and beauty can be but then nothing, even love and beauty has to be because everything that is exists as experience. Some elements need additional energy, others are self-sellers. However, everything can be stopped and become nothing, even love and beauty by leaving the obsolete cycle. So, fears to love as cause of defaming and hate can never be ended as long as they exist: They create in itself their own problems. Fact is that nothing produces nothing which often is a good result, but love, peace and bliss are the best for I, You, We, All!


In advanced stages of I, You, We, All’s divine being judgement and defaming becomes unnecessary because the purpose and the effect of love wasn’t only understood but experienced. Now it’s more important to become more and more determined to internalize love, peace, bliss. This is the priority factor I, You, We, All can use for its evolutionary process.


The constant and internalized decision for life is release. So, if suffering is still present I, You, We, All can continue the endless evolutionary process within life. Love, peace, bliss aren’t only illusions but can become real experiences that life offers! Stepwise trigger yourself accordingly for I, You, We, All.


Any evolutionary process is or is not. Accordingly I, You, We, All can approach stepwise, even slowly towards its comprehension with the appropriate determination, but the final step is or is not.


To overcome fears so suffering I, You, We, All have to decide for healing and start to invest in life. No matter what is achieved until now: Fears stay as long as they aren’t negotiated and replace by love, peace, trust, light and bliss.


Like I, You, We, All can care for having we can care for a determined being too. There’s no difference except the results. While having cares for and results in having the determined being cares for an appropriate internalized being. Both are valuable elements of life but both have different outcomes. While the first remains vulnerable so includes suffering on and on especially the determined divine being is a real evolutionary process: It grows towards the end of suffering by comprehension and achieving.


Life is salvation because it’s indestructible. Everything growing and diminishing, everything born and dying again contains gain and and loss again as an obvious result. But that’s what nourishes our deepest fears: lack and loss. Now, let’s exclude life and comprehend it as salvation. What else as life can achieve this? Life is always and ever but it has to be seen and determined as such: as salvation. Even so life is the base I, You, We, All live in it can still be rejected by accepting death so rejecting life as salvation. Now it’s up to each single I to decide.


Of course I, You, We, All can adapt fast or slow towards determined values, however the last decision has to be done as a decisive one, no matter what was achieved before. So, it makes sense to be not too extreme during the continuation of the ‘normal’ lifestyle as extreme thoughts, feelings and behaves have no advantages at all but hurt. Stay calm, even get slower as the divine is independent of time and money: it’s released!!!


The more fear the more suffering, the more love the more release. Both depend on a decision for or against even so no decision seems to be made. While fears have to constantly deal with lack and loss, the divine love is always and ever achieving the beauty of life. Now, to bury defiance means that love, peace, bliss is.


It sounds paradox but those of the divine conscious need bad feelings simply to be aware: That’s not the end, it goes on! While for the unconscious one pain and suffering are kinds of punishments those of the evolutionary process aware humans use it as vital indicator: Hey, there’s more love possible!


Life isn’t painful but releasing if it’s understood and internalized accordingly. However, when experienced as ugly and cruel the actual learning process is the beautiful one: Away from the old and, pupils like, going for the new. That’s not only logic but rewarding as well. Now, I, You, We, All don’t get grades but experiences. As simple as that: going to school again and study 


Yes, life, the Divine, holiness can and will be overwhelming sometimes. It may even appear like a choking diagnosis but instead of suffering and death it’s the beauty of life knocking on the door!!! Accordingly I, You, We, All can go for it and take the chance, or not. It’s up to any decision taken, so the amount of creation is finally: endless!


Let’s be realistic: If I, You, We, All really and deeply determined don’t want to have a problem anymore it simply disappears. That can be created, like a love affair or trust in life. That’s within our all’s range and abilities. Accordingly I, You, We, All’s decisions can be the release of our lifetime! However, sometimes it takes time as result of our fears. So, what’s the problem?


What is this I’m talking about, an evolutionary process? Well, there’s a clear definition what evolution is so it’s not an invention but a real existing part of life. And, what most of us are able to do is to influence this process by taking decisions and being determined for I, You, We, All. That’s within our ability, that’s finally our creation of the world we live in. The issue right now is to culture one. It can be compared to learn a new language, finally of love, peace, bliss. That’s the evolutionary process I’m talking about.


A few years ago I was taught to leave the cycle (of suffering and death) and to go for the divine ‘I am’. Well, as most of us know, one thing is the teaching, the other thing is the transformation. Use your own life as example. Let’s make it simple: There’s the understanding followed by a beginning determination with the aspect of an somehow increasing internalization. However, there are still small decisions to take up to the final step. Now, let’s keep up smiling. Some need thousands of years. That I was taught too!


As far as my experiences reach today I, You, We, All have to deal with two parts of life: the ending and the neverending one. Aware or unaware, welcoming or rejecting, it doesn’t matter: Life is what it is, and the offer it provides are accessible to everyone, anytime, everywhere. So, it’s not up to God, the Divine or someone/ something else to create the best out of it. It’s up to each single I to become: the best! And the best I experienced for I, You, We, All is: love, peace, bliss, finally divine! Therefore evolutionary processes are crucial!


Being is perception: how do I perceive my environment, what do I realize and live with? The clearer and brighter the view, the wider and cleaner the perception, the less fear, and vice versa. So feeling safe and secure so to trust in life and its gifts offers less judgement and haze but gives I an awesome opportunity to experience more of what I creates!


If I, You, We, All like it or not, aware or unaware: We’re part of the evolutionary process which is a divine truth within life. So accordingly it really can go up and down. Important is the energy we finally spread so experience in- and outside: fear or love, defeat or creation, animalistic or angel like, brutal or healing. Of course it’s possible to stay in between, no problem, but one day a final decision for the important polarisation has to be made. And, yes, nice to know, release is within I, You, We, All’s possibility!


In cases of wonderful impulses: Stay with it! I, You, We, All can experience them while feeling good and being happy! Wonderful impulses usually include grateful and pleasing aspects. They awake and push I, You, We, All to stand up, feel and be alive! They can be enhanced and grow by internalizing them: I start doing it voluntarily and myself. I’m not waiting anymore but creating!


In and for the divine world time’s no factor, but being. So, simply to understand: time means nothing, being’s everything. So being in love, being love, being healed and released is no matter of time but a real matter of being here and now: I am! So, the divine world is no secret to hide but a being that can be reached by I, You, We, All!


Release is a real funny thing. Sometimes a human being has a problem, a conflict, a painful experience, not even aware of it, and it appears dramatically when facing an aspect. It can be carried for decades and centuries, and it’s there, the suffering and pain, until the release appears. But release doesn’t appear like this. It has to be decided, it has to be gone for. A good time to work is the quiet night, however finally it doesn’t matter. And then, I, You, We, All can believe it or not, release appears as unexpected as the problem before. That’s the best part of it!


The divine is our next evolutionary being. And it’s a wonderful one! The further I, You, We, All evolve towards it the more bliss and forgiveness are. The reason is simple: The divine goes for the beauty and love in all areas of I’s being. It can please and allow without revenge so being hurt itself. Yes, it’s not always patient (sometimes it was like: Come on!) but the motivation is always: love!


If the divine is within I, You, We, All’s perspective the comprehend determination should stepwise become stronger and develop bigger as any paralyzing fear. The divine is life itself so full of energy and vitality! Therefore it’s more than just nice: it’s even releasing as fears are not simply appeased but vanish.


The Divine is such a beauty that it makes sense to experience it as part of our daily perception: I, You, We, All have to work and be for to consciously become part of it. It can be compared with every little as big thing in our daily life: If someone cares for something it creates a value because of the care. If someone cares more and more it will create more and more value and meaning in someone’s life. Does someone care less it will create less significance.


There’s still more beauty, more love, more peace and more bliss possible. Finally it’s even endless but I, You, We, All have to go for. Comprehension doesn’t appear just like that and not any kind of superhuman is doing the determined work and internalisation for me. The reason is simple: I is the creator, and not you!


It absolutely makes sense to (sometimes) replace the complexity of human life by a simple calmness of mind. This status opens up for the waste beauty of life which is within I, You, We, All.


Unfortunately life isn’t only fun but can be brutal as well as long as dependencies exist. But how to deal with it as I, You, We, All are dependent so very vulnerable, at least in the beginning of our human life time? I was taught that comprehension is the first thing to do! I, You, We, All have to comprehend that human life is dependent so vulnerable for us, finally no matter what we depend on.


From a certain point on don’t go back into the past, and especially: don’t get angry anymore! The only one hurt is I itself. Going back, getting angry starts to be an automatism that isn’t worth it anymore. Really! Much better: Be determined, be concerned for your inner as outer beauty and get used to it! It absolutely can become an automatism too, and this much worthier as I committed one day: healing! So wake up, get up, train the determined, advance and be happy for I, You, We, All! Decide for a happier life of I, You, We, All and the divine evolution is yours!


Of course wonderful attachments are possible and part of human life, no doubt. And at least half of it are worth to be human because they please and give us a feeling of: I’m part of it! I have! But everybody can be conscious that every, even the strongest contact ends one day. So, yes, everything built up by humans is going down again, whatever it is. Therefore life itself has a huge advantage: It can’t go down! It can change but it’s always and ever, undestructable. Therefore for advanced divine human beings life with it’s possibilities, including endlessness is the intention!


For I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process the every second motivation is much more decisive than the actual having or being. Accordingly the reason you wake and stand up, remain awake and grow as energy and vibrating bundle is much more important than any career. And of course, we have to be realistic, the healing divine purpose is the highest, not only for today but for sure for life too!


Give! I’m not talking about to empty your account, offer all your possession and live in absolute poverty on the street. But I talk about giving and being pleased instead of being envious, even hate. Accordingly jealousy doesn’t make sense either as all having causes sorrow at the same time: it always contains the deep fears of lack and loss. And so they’re absolute destructive: They finally destroy love, peace and bliss. So when talking about giving I mention the trust and confidence I, You, We, All can have in life as ultimate source of the wealth of everybody, anytime!


In the beginning care for your/ I’s divine evolutionary process. It not only seems to be but is selfish. However, being realistic: you are/ I is it already so there’s no difference between yesterday and now. Nevertheless, the result from here on is it! To care for life and its evolutionary processes ends up in it and the higher and wiser the goal the brighter and happier the outcome!


To make it short and easy: Go for the beauty of life! Consciously invest in love, peace, bliss and leave the harming ugly behind. It might be hard and difficult but the result is ease so healing. This way the divine energy rises on and on. What else do I, You, We, All want for the rest of life?


Decide for life! Don’t dwell in the past but decide for life, on and on, even seeming to be at the end. Life is the decision for life. Any questions?


Look at life much more positive! Don’t conscious- or unconsciously try to find proofs that it’s nasty, cruel and brutal but in the contrary, that it’s wonderful, full of love and beauty!!! This change of perspective doesn’t only influence your life today but tomorrow as well! Even your evolutionary process depends on it which can become a divine one. So, it’s really worth it to delete the complaint and install the beauty instead!


If (starting to be) experienced in the divine presence and being while not ashamed of it I, You, We, finally All can extend it, endless! The divine evolutionary process has no end so isn’t limited at all. If really experienced you know/ I knows that neither ugly nor brutal stuff exists but beauty and release. However, I, You, We, All have to wake up, stand up and go for it, corresponding endless.


While in independant love, just being open for life and its waste opportunities, even of perception, taking another perspective is absolutely possible! So, all the ugly and suffering circumstances can be experienced with different interpretations. However, that obviously needs work and doesn’t happen like that. Repetition, intensified for a better internalisation of the determined is the key.


Every time an I develops defamation, maybe even up to hate it can be turned into beauty too. Unfortunately this usually takes a conscious decision and investment in the beginning if not teached and learned accordingly. However, for today no excuses exist as the understanding is there now.


Sometimes nothing is the best thing to do. Especially during inactive or highly challenging circumstances nothing is really helpful: it doesn’t waste energy for unimportant stuff and helps to maintain a wonderful silence. Recommended for meditation as well as for exhausting situations simply experiencing nothing avoids crises and conflicts. Really!


The divine cares for evolution as a healing process. It brings I, You, We, All away from suffering, (deep) fears and death by simply being determined towards waking and standing up. For that it requires a continuous decision for beauty like love, peace, bliss. The internalisation of life as salvation, using the vital and awakened energy human beings have as possibility is the goal.


Whatever is I, You, We, All always have two possibilities to decide: Yes or No, continue or stop, ending or never ending. That brings conflicts of course: What is/ Was it a good or a bad decision? Therefore avoidance is common: no decision, no conflict, no frustration. However, a decision for life always offers life itself. What can be more valuable?


As conscious human beings we absolutely have to be aware of the destructive action of defaming and disgracing thoughts and feelings. Ok, some like it that way and even continue while understood. But others are already evolved to the point that it doesn’t help anymore but still harms and hurts, oneself as others. So, they have to continue towards life and its wonderful evolutionary offers!


Interested in a divine evolutionary process? Wake up, stand up, stay awake, be!


Yes, there’s really a difference between our human vulnerabilities pain and sorrow, even death or the healing aspects love, peace and bliss, even enlightenment! This with evolution growing difference isn’t only important for now but for the future as well: It’s the experience someone goes through, now and tomorrow. So, a decision is made or not if the result is accordingly.


The holy spirit is absolutely phenomenal! Even in moments of suffering and pain it’s there. More crazy is: The more suffering, the more pain, the more it’s present! Wow!!! That’s healing I want to learn and go for, and maybe You, We, All if not already practicing?


If I, You, We, All got enough divine teachings and on time supporting the transformation has to start from ourselves. Love, peace, bliss, beauty and other divine aspects cannot just exist like this, they have to be created too! And this decision has to be on and on! Being at that point of creation the holy spirit isn’t as important anymore as in the beginning as I, You, We, All become part of it.


Adjust your motivation so inner being to the determination you understood. While hurting someone else you defame yourself. This is known. Contrary to this you can leave that cycle of shame and heal someone. Accordingly you will be healed too and grow. Corresponding I, You, We, All have to take the simple decision whether to harm or to heal. This isn’t complicated at all but the simple way towards release.


For a divine evolutionary process: Leave your old harming thinking pattern! Leave your old painful values! Stepwise. Let grow love, peace, bliss so beauty! All of a sudden it’s your being!


To achieve some give up their holiness as winning looks more valuable. In short term thinking winning is a wonderful aspect, in the long run always winning is impossible so losing becomes a part of the game. This brings insecurity and fears as lacking and losing isn’t welcome at all. Now, live is always and ever, and as result it never can’t be lost. That might look like a difficult aspect, but it’s simple: Let’s understand live for our human evolutionary process!


It’s in the light I, You, We, All really grow. The darkness helps us to understand that a progress towards love, peace, bliss, beauty is still possible. However, the growing itself happens with and within light. Let’s create light and human evolution is ours!


Don’t underestimate the power of beauty: It’s the essence of the divine, on and on! However, it has to be gone for as without the attendance to conceive it beauty doesn’t exist. Beauty as love, peace, bliss exists if I’s aware of, definite and ready to internalize it!


It’s with and within the light I, You, We, All really grow. The darkness helps us to understand that a progress towards love, peace, bliss, beauty is still possible. However, the growing itself happens with and within light. Let’s create light and human evolution is ours!


If I, You, We, All continue to go for the known the until now unknown remains inexperienced. That can be fatal as the unknown doesn’t only contain more cruel and ugly stuff but according to any human decision with its results it can be wonderful too!!! But for the achievement of love, peace, bliss, beauty I, You, We, All have to go for accordingly. There are no exceptions.


When decided for the divine evolutionary process I, You, We, All’s suffering reduces right away as the divine process is released of lack and loss. It will take time to internalize it so the determination has to be repeated, practiced and brings changes, but less until no suffering anymore. The divine evolutionary process is releasing, nothing else than that.


One day some realize that the divine evolutionary process is diminished to a side note in many humans daily life. That’s the case when the deep, often unaware fears of lack and loss are stronger than the determination for life as salvation. One possibility to change this is to establish the awareness and experience of love, peace, bliss, and beauty: from comprehension via determination towards becoming and being – evolution!


Realizing that the divine evolutionary process isn’t a risk if deep confidence is part of I, You, We, All’s daily life is crucial. Combined with determination it’s one of the evolutionary elements of human life! Later on it’s the internalisation that appears as result of the ongoing and growing repetition.


For the divine evolutionary process I, You, We, All should overcome the deep fears of lack and loss. There’s no such thing in the divine world as life is infinite. Instead love, peace, bliss, beauty should be experienced. Whoever, wherever, whenever exists, the divine can be. I, You, We, All just has to determine its being!


The choice is I, You, We, All’s: punishment or forgiveness, defence or support, power or comprehension, forcing or voluntariness. Finally it’s the question whether to harm or to enlighten, to care for material having or for a divine being. Staying in between is the undecided waiting room, however not released from suffering until, yes, until the divine evolutionary process is realised. It’s the only way to be released.


To experience release and progress I, You, We, All have to decide for life. Life’s salvation, that’s the divine message. So, wake up, stand up, stay awake! Leaving the cycle of suffering and pain, of lack and loss as result of a wonderful being is the breathtaking outcome of a divine evolutionary process.


Life’s salvation because it’s endless. Life as the playground of our becoming is the ultimate decision I, You, We, All can go for. Nothing is in any way comparable to it as it’s the source of all being. So, it’s simply clever to decide for I, You, We, All’s divine evolutionary process. Be determined towards life and finally all being will turn towards: life!


For the real truth it has to be gone for life. The rest is coping.


How can some talk about leaving the comfort zone without being in it? No, I, You, We, All have to enter it by leaving suffering and pain, and overcoming those deep fears of lack and loss. That would be very helpful as it not only initiates but is the divine evolutionary process!


Released is released. It’s an ultimate state of being: I’m released from this and that as the problems don’t exist anymore: they were replaced by release!


When entering any kind of war love isn’t the aspect but fear. Love is the supporting beauty I, You, We, All have, and has whether destroying nor harming as result.That’s the divine part in us which can grow on and on, unlimited. This growing of love, peace, bliss, beauty is the divine evolutionary process I, You, We, All are able to experience.


How can I, You, We, All talk about leaving the comfort zone without being in it? No, I, You, We, All have to enter it by leaving our vulnerability as human beings. Suffering and pain, those deep fears lack and loss with jealousy and craving for, and all ending in death: that’s not the comfort zone but finally brutal. All this can be left behind for the beauty of love, peace, bliss. That would be very helpful, yes, even for humanity as it not only initiates but is the divine evolutionary process!


Two of my guiding teachings, two of my prime motivations are: learn to love shit! And: life’s salvation! For both it has to be gone for if divine evolution is yours!


If I thinks to be alone and that the divine forces don’t exist, aren’t there (for me), don’t support than just the interest, the openness, the asking and demanding for of I isn’t. In other words: overcoming the ignorance towards life and its offers creates being. Being exists if ignorance is replaced by comprehension and determination: That’s what I want to experience so to be!


Far to much feared of the divine many accept the brutal parts of life


Give release a chance as temporary or long-lasting, even constant experience: how does it feel being without this and that problem, pain, suffering? Isn’t it tremendously energetic and fun? Aren’t you feeling healthy and awake?


Overcoming those deep fears of lack and loss is a process of even divine quality. It’s part of that kind of evolutionary being I, You, We, All can accomplish. For this nobody has to be forced, punished, defamed or even killed but taught, advised and supported at any time, unlimited. That’s a real progress towards release!


The gap between theory and experience is time. As time is irrelevant for life the only thing remaining for I, You, We, All is the experience of at least one conflict.  Absolutely decided conflicts don’t exist anymore but becoming and being.


Conscious or unconscious: whether defiance, negotiation, ignorance, defamation nor excuses are supporting a divine evolutionary process but the repeated and intensified decision for love, peace, bliss, beauty. This is the investment to learn to experience as I, You, We, All can achieve it.


Interestingly the human being is much more vulnerable and complex as the released one. Its vulnerability, its deep fears lack and loss, its craving and holding on, its pain and suffering: no matter which style and what time on whatsoever planet being released is simply easier going so wonderful. Because it exists I, You, We, All can experience it as result of a determined evolutionary process.


Finally it’s not the teaching nor the school, not the knowledge nor the quote I, You, We, All go and think through but the experience of the divine evolution to be: with or without!


Trust your confidence in life: life’s salvation.


I realized that it’s nice to care and talk about others. I realized that a good amount of I’s thinking is about the mistakes, even stupidity and worthlessness of You, We, All. But for a divine evolutionary process that’s not important, not important at all. A divine evolutionary process has especially to do with I: who am I? What did I understood? What’s I going for? What did I internalize before and now? What’s I achievement until now?


After a while being realistically determined I, You, We, All will experience that specific situations, objects and persons will lose their meaning so authority over I, You, We, All’s life. However, it has to be gone for. If this happens, and the divine evolutionary process is part, even the determined objective release is the result.


If the comprehension work is more or less finished it doesn’t make sense to block the following determination by using adversely thoughts and words. It as well doesn’t make sense to care for others by diminishing, even defaming them because it finally harms each side: If negativity and destruction is active it bothers I, You, We, All. Instead the determination itself has to be advanced to the point of internalisation so to be present day and night, initially with and finally without investment.


There’re life forms that proclaim more, even only the being. But why? Isn’t having a nice thing: a house, a car, a plane, lots of money, children, drinks and food? In short: the vulnerability is the basic problem of being human and it will never be eliminated by wealth and abundance but go on, even expand. At its best those deep fears of lack and loss are fundamental for suffering and only be eliminated by an according determination: an evolutionary process that finally includes the own divine being as next step.


Some decide to care more and more for the human having, and others to evolve towards I, You, We, All’s holy being. Both experience the same: advancement and growing but in a different way.


Any experience is not because of You, We, All but of I. This is to comprehend as without others are responsible.


For the divine evolutionary process judging others and circumstances are wasted time. Accordingly many, many other behaves including getting and having (more and more), enclosing and defending are too. Basically it has to be said that those human values differ from the divine. That’s the difference I, You, We, All can experience.


Awake your divine intention, be accordingly determined and become growingly aware of it. As simple as that: The more you care the more its present. No magic at all but pure life, available for I, You, We, All!


Condamnation is an arbitrary thing as it depends on I, and I per- and conceives only what it can and has learned. Therefore a realistic accusation is nor available by I itself as by You, We, All as it needs a certain awareness behind, and this is individual. But what if this experience is arbitrary? The result is suffering on both sides so the one who accuses and the accused one. However, leaving that cycle by being delighted is the divine evolutionary process as possible option.


The good thing about old cycles are : They’re known so new experiences usually aren’t experienced. The bad thing about old cycles are: They’re known so know experiences usually aren’t experienced. However to leave cycles is possible but it brings new experiences which might be unknown until now. To experience that change in trust and with confidence is the challenge for I, You, We, All.


If the difference between human and divine is understood the determined decision for any evolutionary process is I, You, We, All’s: whether recycled or released


Remember and explore, finally become more and more the beauty of life. If I, You, We, All really want release and according evolutionary processes it’s the only way to quit the ugly parts.


The divine appears if conscious- or unconsciously open for it. The cause for that can be suffering but interest and craving for more and more of it as well. The learning process of becoming part of is as simple as learning a new language and expanding it: comprehension, determination and internalization of the divine is a human made creation!


With power, rules and obedience I, You, We, All can guide and achieve profits but not reign diseases and finally death. Accordingly enhancing its as others evolutionary process needs an appropriate change towards life and its holy offers.


As the divine doesn’t have the problem as it’s awake and released I, You, We, All can too. However, the divine doesn’t ignore nor defame but live so experience love, peace, bliss and beauty. The divine is determined towards healing and support and as result: doesn’t have the problem!!!


Life can become and be the absolute love, peace, bliss and beauty of I, You, We, All’s daily experience. However, it has to be decided for to internalize the appropriate determination.


If I, You, We, All seek for a divine being the school to visit is the divine one. To get in contact with the authority to listen to and follow must be changed as values have to be adapted accordingly. The more I, You, We, All invest the more result will be until, yes, until the decisive step will happen, created by every single I.


The future of healing: no discussion, no defaming, no killing, no ignorance, no questioning, no looking for but trustfully becoming healed


Things I experienced until today: The human and the divine being differ from each other. And: I, You, We, All can achieve it. The results are contradicting: being instead of having, love, peace and bliss instead of enemies, defamation and maybe even killing, eternal life instead of ongoing death, healing, release and beauty instead of traumatisation, fears and panic. All this and more is the difference. All of it depends on I, You, We, All’s decision with an according evolutionary process.


In case I, You, We, All create and carry good, supporting thoughts so intentions life becomes brighter and clearer right away. Pain and suffering, even death can be reduced in effect as release is caused by love, peace, bliss and beauty


If (the passed on) values don’t change the fears don’t do it either. Values and fears cooperate and support each other. So if having remains the main value in I, You, We, All’s life the fears of lack and loss remain either accordingly. On the other hand if being released becomes the main value many things start to change accordingly.


While deciding for the divine path wonderful as unexpected factors appear as part of the side effect. As love, peace, bliss and beauty as healing so releasing purpose usually are determined factors life will offer a sensational new appearance!


Realizing that love, peace, bliss and beauty for I, You, We, All are just tiny parts in your daily course shall actually provoke a storm of change: Don’t be afraid of but let the divine grow. It’s your evolution!!!


The daily exercise, the daily experience for a divine being is very simple: be, be released instead of have.


The divine teaches: Do not only accept everything as given but learn to create. However, the popular deep fears of lack and loss hinder I, You, We, Humanity to grow accordingly. Now, instead of slowly dying expanding life as salvation is a real, evolutionary choice!


If a divine evolutionary process is in mind I, You, We, Humanity has to create it. Just waiting that someone or something else does it doesn’t work at all. I, each single I has to go for and do it. That’s how life works and it’s not anyone’s invention but comprehension.


If decided for the divine evolutionary process the direction of any decision has to be clear: love, peace, bliss and beauty all around. Even if unfamiliar or unknown it sooner or later has to be materialized. If not stagnation with the ongoing deep fears of lack and loss will be the unpleasant because painful result. Like power and having control (over things and others) love, peace, bliss and beauty can become a habit like a drug, however a wonderful because releasing one. That doesn’t need believe but a good amount of confidence in life and its absolute justice.


The easier the determined being becomes for I, You, We, Humanity the more it’s internalized. So whatever being is determined: it appears simpler if it was internalized because of ongoing decisions before. Accordingly the human, even divine support happens towards the specified motivation as well: I as source of more suffering involving defamation and hate or more release because of love and peace.


Decisive for I, You, We, Humanities divine evolutionary process is the internalization of it. The more are (deeply) motivated for love, peace, bliss and beauty the more the achieving of it.


Massive problems and conflicts combined with harming and even killing are nothing else than fear. Additionally I, You, We, Humanity should be aware that the divine is different: it doesn’t have those problems and conflicts. But why? The divine world has some determined aspects that are: decisive! Not only the allowance that the enemy nevertheless feels good, even better which in fact reduces the appreciation of harming and killing. It offers  as well the values of love, peace, bliss, beauty. This way life becomes a never ending experience as no body, no mind, no soul is really willing to end its enlightenment!


In the field of love, peace, bliss and beauty the divine is one, even more evolutionary steps ahead. The impressing thing about it: I, You, We, All can achieve it too. Any being is able to stop suffering and to experience, even lasting, wellness. Why should the divine avoid or ignore us while being (in) love? Because it’s I’s decision whether to experience so spread suffering or release.


Whether I, You, We, All like it or not: the divine evolutionary process is the releasing element to overcome deep fears every human being has. Of course nobody is forced nor to believe and live nor to decide and become accordingly. However, the simple fact of lacking, later on losing everything or not by becoming and being divine is the difference. That at least is a point one or another might not only think about but enjoy to experience as well.


If I, You, We, All really want to solve any kind of problems, conflicts and disaster we all have to learn to love. No matter which invention humanity creates for the achievement of something and to keep us busy: love, peace, bliss and beauty is the determination to internalize, whenever, whoever, wherever. That’s not my invention but the divine evolutionary process.


Fear is the most effective fraud to yourself. Confidence in love, peace, bliss, beauty is the healing because divine evolutionary aspect.


Good, even divine so evolutionary thoughts and feelings will generate a good and deep respiration as result. This in fact releases most of I, You, We, All’s tension which is often combined with pain and suffering, and vice versa. However, the stress release offers a new way of a loving, peace- and beautiful bliss.


For the divine beings so holy spirits I, You, We, even humanity are like pupils but this time on a voluntary base. So, until the human becomes a divine being as an experience deep and deeper decisions have to be taken.


The divine isn’t there to create more suffering and pain. In the contrary: It really provokes love, it realizes absolute peace, it offers constant bliss and appears as bright beauty! So I, You, We, All can take that as indicator: the more we experience love, peace, bliss, beauty the more we’re on the divine side of life. Life becomes bright and clear as the perception and attention are accordingly: fear and panic vanish to experience life as salvation!


Of course I, You, We, All can constantly continue as before. Nothing’s gonna change this way. The security we expect is to face the known problems which finally ends in the deep fears of lack and loss expressed as diseases and death. On the other hand I, You, We, All can (start to) care for evolved aspects in life which finally end up in life and its various possibilities, including the divine. And yes, of course, and that’s what I fears, expected as unexpected new experiences appear.


For the divine beings so holy spirits I, You, We, even humanity are like pupils but this time on a voluntary base. So, until the human becomes a divine being as an experience deep and deeper decisions have to be taken.


Give up all the suffering and you won’t miss anything but experience love, peace, bliss, beauty. That’s life!


For I, You, We, All’s divine evolutionary process suffering and pain are absolutely worthless. They might help to understand that being human is never fulfilling as its vulnerability is a daily challenge. However, the divine itself doesn’t need pain nor create suffering to be as some of its characteristics are: within its clearance and light love, peace, bliss, beauty are!


If I, You, We, All don’t want to suffer (anymore) than enlightenment is unavoidable


The ultimate source for peace, bliss, beauty is love. The ultimate source of love is to love so include the ugly as well. If this is realized love, peace, bliss, beauty correlate day by day and doubts are history. That’s part of the divine evolutionary process.


To sit and wait, even to ignore life and its offers is not enough to achieve determined results. Determined results need a decision: I, You, We, All have to be decided to internalize, finally whatever decided for. Go for the divine because less problems are healthier!


While overcoming human illusions and coping within an ongoing vulnerable lifestyle the divine appears and becomes if determined accordingly


Let’s simply enjoy the divine, listen to, see, feel, finally become and be it


Isn’t it amazing that life offers so much possibilities? Isn’t it wonderful that I, You, We, All have the choice whether to suffer or to be released? What else is offering that kind of breathtaking varieties, from cruel wars to brutal diffamation, from enlightening divinity to released being?


Humility is needed to earlier accept our vulnerability as human beings. Humility isn’t a piece of cake but an advancement: it realizes something in an earlier stage without fight but… humility. So it might be any kind of lack and loss what I, You, We, All usually fear but it is a confrontation with what is: our vulnerability.


Summarized it can be said that a divine evolutionary process with all the aspects of (being) love, peace, bliss, beauty are available. I, You, We, All always have the choice to simply make it by going for it with constant according decisions. Fortunately the divine is contradicting the human so all cruel as brutal faces disappear as they are replaced by life as salvation.


An initiating divine message for I, You, We, All: If a bright and clear life with no problems so release is wanted a deep and constant decision for love, peace, bliss, beauty, finally life is the one to take. Initially the acknowledgement of a divine evolution is the beginning part of the process.


Yes, I, You, We, All can achieve it. The divine is always and ever, only depending on one’s own decision, ready- and openness. So far the situation someone is in is less worth the more the divine is present. Now, keep smiling, the divine is there!!! Offer it more value!!!


The divine challenge is that life becomes salvation. For that purpose time’s no factor.


To leave those ongoing cycles of suffering and pain, of cruel- and brutalities, of self-destruction and harming I, You, We, All need love, peace, bliss, beauty. No matter where and when, here on earth or interstellar: the divine rules are the same for each of us, absolutely no exceptions. Decide accordingly as it’s comprehensibly releasing!


To have less fears but experience trust is work. To have less deep, hidden fears but experience even deeper and awakened trust is even more work. Of course I, You, We, All can hide any kind of vulnerability behind whatsoever but that’s self-destruction: It keeps away from being (in) love, peace, bliss, beauty.


The divine being is creation with and in love, peace, bliss, beauty. While the human being is busy with coping as life is experienced in many ways as cruel, ugly, finally deadly the divine motivation uses life and its possibilities to create salvation as being.


Once a specific spiritual stage is achieved it can vanish again or further grow. As the divine is always and ever there, no matter in which part of the universe I, You, We, All move and collect experiences it absolutely depends on I how much love, peace, bliss, beauty is: I as creator of the world it lives in.


Exercise for today: Be released from inner as outer tensions. No conflicts offer the opportunity to avoid panic and fears but experience love, peace, bliss, beauty instead. What a change!!!


Exercise: Be free of fears and panic as much as possible. Trust love, peace, bliss, beauty instead. I, You, We, All can do it. No matter where and when. Try not to find excuses but exercise.


Experience (not only) for today: Yes, I, You, We, All do ‘mistakes’ and ‘crazy things’, ‘not act according’ whatsoever. Now, I, You, We, All can continue to accuse and defame, or start to experience peace instead. Yes, I would say: Let’s start to experience peace! Don’t punish yourself and others but simply experience: peace!


To experience deeper peace I, You, We, All have to include the divine offers of life into our being. Let’s do it!


The divine supports and helps the divine to become more and more. Accordingly be aware that harming others is defaming I at the same time. So support others by offering a divine direction and I experiences the same: love, peace, bliss, beauty!


One thing’s for sure: When I,You, We, All decide for love, peace, bliss, beauty fears unavoidably appear. It marks the change, even when it’s a solution, even when it’s salvation which is determined. The reaction towards the unknown is common however known yet. Go beyond and experience trust instead: It offers more!


Of course fears and panic as lack and loss, pain and sorrow are decisive parts of our human being: the ego is and remains vulnerable, no doubt. However, something else is there. It’s the next step in our evolutionary process. It’s called: the Divine. So, of course life can be enjoyed too! The result: Enjoy love, peace, bliss, beauty! Enjoy being (in) love! The more I, You, We, All are the more is.


Human lifelong training: Love, peace, bliss beauty are elements that need attention as without they vanish stepwise and disappear. Today is a day I, You, We, All pay attention to it, as well in our interior as exterior world. This kind of training can continue throughout a human life period. It can even grow if it’s continuously determined so stepwise more and more internalized to be more present. Why not?


If the divine isn’t suspicious (anymore) and the according evolutionary process within I, You, We, All’s perspective any kind of inner as outer tensions might have a real chance to be banned from being in daily life from time to time. Even if that’s work it might be possible to experience love, peace, bliss, beauty instead. To be accordingly determined is within our human ability!!!


To be determined for love, peace, bliss, beauty is a decision against fear and panic. The continuous decision for life, the divine is a decision against any kind of lack and loss. The deeper the determination, the decision the deeper the result.


Let’s ‘travel’ towards love, peace, bliss, beauty. Let’s recognize the vacation I, You, We, All can realize: The whole world changes!!!


The biggest challenge in human life isn’t to explore the deep fears of lack and loss which obviously coexist with I, You, We, All. The biggest challenge in human life is to extend love, peace, bliss, beauty in any kind of situation and time.


For today I, You, We, All can use our ability to (actively) look for signs of love, peace, bliss, beauty. Instead of going for the old (point of) view a new, this time determined one shall took place. By the way: Let’s leave the tensions and conflicts behind. For the divine being they’re absolutely unnecessary.


Today it’s time to realize the love, peace, bliss and beauty the Divine experiences every day. As I, You, We, All can be part of it and even are invited to do so the only hindrance is: fear.


For all those tired of problems causing conflicts, fatigue of lacking combined with craving, shocked of losses with pain: The divine being is awaiting I, You, We, All!


Keep going to perceive, feel, be the love, peace, bliss, beauty of life I, You, We, All want to be. Leave the tensions and conflicts behind as for the divine they’re unnecessary. Don’t only look for the suffering and pain, but focus more and more on the divine being too. It changes more than a lot. It finally changes all as it influences any evolutionary being.


If someone of I, You, We, All wants to leave the cycle of suffering and pain, of lack and loss, of defamations and threatenings the divine evolutionary process is a good decision to make it. Nor it helps I, You, We, All but additionally is anytime and everywhere so eternally for free. What an offer!!!


Stay focused on the divine being. Take it as relaxing example. Even if it seems weird to what I, You, We, All know and experience until now it must be so as it’s divine and not human (anymore).


Today I, You, We, All can simply be happy because of the conscious start of the divine evolutionary process. It’s a big step towards any kind of release because it helps to improve daily life in a mindful so more determined way.Yes, let’s simply enjoy it all day long and far beyond!


All those deep fears and panic of lack and loss: To overcome those, even deep ones I, You, We, All have to (start more and more to) care for love, peace, bliss, beauty. In the long-run love, peace, bliss, beauty are not only stronger but more exciting too: they keep healthy! They care and support, motivated accordingly and simply feel absolutely awesome: no shame, no regret no guilt but simple release!


Let’s look for love (again)! It doesn’t harm at all but helps to change the awareness. As it’s a training it needs some input in the beginning and growing intensity in the long-run. This determination is to repeat on and on. I, You, We, All can do that. It seems that the easier the situation the simpler the challenge but that’s a false conclusion: The depth of the fears are decisive so the intensity of love as evolutionary decision as well, no matter where and when.


Today’s program: enjoyment! Let’s enjoy love, peace, bliss, beauty all day long. If something bothers nevertheless enjoy: love, peace, bliss, beauty!


Yes, don’t fear love, peace, bliss, beauty but invite it! Yes, I, You, We, All can even become and finally be it. Why not??? Okay, I know, the deep fears of lack and loss. Now, I, You, We, All know the problem, accordingly the solution: love, peace, bliss, beauty!!!


Yes, I, You, We, All have to learn to really love. That’s a divine comprehension, determination, internalisation: not being dependant and possessing, even ruling but to really love, to really allow free will and as result care for the divine on a voluntary base. That’s a real challenge, however wonderful releasing one.


Okay, the aspect for today: don’t give up! It’s like with any diet or addiction: hard times seem to come, and they need I’s decision. Just to understand: those feelings of lack and loss so e.g. worthlessness or imperfection are fears. They even provoke panic. Finally they diminish everyone’s energy. For us it’s surely unnecessary to be happy however it’s human. Love, peace, bliss, beauty instead is abundance, and in many cases a new experience of being. This difference is decisive for I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process.


Just to remember, just to make it clear: The divine was, is and will always be on a voluntary base. I, You, We, All has to decide for it, no matter where and when and how (any kind of situation is). On the one hand nothing has to be changed, everything can continue like it used to be. Isn’t this wonderful? On the other hand, if the divine (evolutionary process) isn’t a joke or fake nor ignored or actively torn but a releasing reality I, You, We, All can go for it, anytime.The real love, the real peace, the real bliss, the real beauty of the divine being is: I decides. Time is no factor.


The divine exists without fear. It appears in bright light and wonderful feelings. These are some of its characteristics. So, no panic, no conflict, no harming, but confidence. Be decided to relax, trust too. Train it! Life will be easier so it will make more fun to decide for a healthier, maybe even released one.


To achieve new aspects in life I, You, We, All have always to accept as well negative parts of whatsoever. So the thing is that avoidance of so called negative or difficult or sceptical characteristics is impossible. Therefore way more important must be the aspect of: what did I, You, We, All understand, accordingly determine so internalize? Am I able to accept to experience this and/ or that?


For today a wonderful determination becomes reality: If whatsoever unnecessary bothering already exists or appears (again and again) stand up, open your eyes and look up the sky. Even start to walk around, get out of the situation. If it’s not possible become and be as bright as you can. This or that way: become and be light. This determination, if constantly repeated, becomes part of I, even You, We, All too as internalization.


Unnecessary fears and panic are awful. I mean, they obviously hinder, even destroy what could have been much easier to accept for nicer results. Therefore I go for healing that kind of burden with following in mind: Life’s wonderful!!! If open and ready and willing to go so to wake and stand up for the beauty of it, it will become and be accordingly.


And for today try to realize (more and more) the divine. Look up the sky, see the light, even realize divine beings. Get the amount of beauty that exists, be released from this or that (problem, apin, suffering), maybe even think the same way.  Yes, why not? It supports I, You, We, All!


My experiences with the divine started with premonitions. During the time I used to be a pilot I knew that I’m not going to stay for long. Meeting a few important persons I got divine foresigns, pictures, appearances and information, later on teachings (to share) which I wrote down. In the beginning unaware of the dimension I was facing I realized the eternal and vital aspects of it: life not as harmful and something I have to fight for, nevertheless finally deadly but simply salvation. After all it’s still difficult to accept as new being as it contradicts the human lifestyle in many values. As I was and still am never punished or mistreated nor defamed but endlessly supported, pushed, confronted to become I have to say: it’s more than a challenge, it’s a being!


In the beginning of my divine experiences with teachings I was strongly supported for years, on and on. Time and location of its presence were unimportant: from a busy street with lots of traffic and noise to absolutely quiet  meditation sessions, from being in a plane, at home, in the middle of the day, at work, on my bike or at midnight…. From time to time ‘my’ voice/ ‘my’ holy spirit became loud, even forced me when it was really important, but mostly it was whispering, charming, loving, caring. The best moments are still those with the goose bumps, or when I’m yawning, or appreciating this enormous love I got aware of. But more about that in the next days!!!


Don’t defame nor harm yourself as I, You, We, All will defame and harm others, don’t defame nor harm others as I, You, We, All will defame and harm itself. As natural law it works vice versa, and no escape until it’s solved. So, let’s decide for life, and not only for today but forever, and most problems will disappear! Life’s salvation!


I’ve to admit that for me the divine being isn’t a fairytale or something I was reading from and finally should believe in. While in full consciousness and with open eyes as well as almost asleep but fully aware, not suffering but released from its presence I really experience(d) it. Sometimes after my experiences I was confronted with other persons realizing the same or comparable encounterings. As I never saw or knew them before it was a unrecommended proof for me that my experiences aren’t sick but an a- and possibility.


One day I was in a hurry. It felt like panic: I’m to late!!! So I forced and became unaware of my environment, simply heading punctuality. At a red light a single advice hit me unexpected: Have confidence! I took it, nevertheless arrived on time, and started to train it in other situations too.


Seen from an evolutionary point of view it’s absolutely unnecessary to defame and harm oneself as others. It has no uplifting outcome which is a characteristic for an evolutionary process. Love, peace, bliss, beauty include the other, the wonderful side of experiences.


Don’t fear but appreciate the divine for today. Combine it with the confidence from yesterday. The divine never ever hurts but at least offers peace. Just to appease a little more: the divine doesn’t cost anything!


A simple form of daily and direct communication with the divine being(s) is the appearance of goose bumps and yawning. Why? I’ve no clue but it really works! Everytime I generate good thoughts and feelings it happens right away. Sometimes it appears even before I realize the good thought or feeling, so it really includes a short time prediction.


Have absolute fun today without harming I, You, We, All but glowing!


Decide for the wonderful side of life. It’s worth it!


Experiencing the divine side of life is so far interesting as they shine brilliantly, spread this wonderful energy felt as love, peace, bliss, beauty while the humans logically fear lack and panic loss. As well I realized that they never ever forced me to do something I didn’t want to but gave divine advises, asked questions on and on. Of course it can be said that they, the divine beings don’t exist because they don’t do this or care for that. Now the question that appears has to be solved by I, You, We, All itself on a clear base: does the divine exist, or not? That’s fundamentally important for the rest of every experience, for your and our entire life!


If you can take the decision today: does the divine exist (for you), or not? That’s fundamentally important for the following experiences!!! Be as clear as possible as it helps to be determined and accordingly happy.


You see? Yesterday you were in doubt, maybe even fear, however: you experienced it, the divine side of life! So, take that experience as real as you experienced it and keep it for real! It’s yours!


For today: keep the experience of the divine alive! It’s more than just helpful. It’s releasing! Experience it!


Today’s experience is as simple as wonderful: be peaceful! Experience as well how it affects I, You, We, All.


(Let’s) Get up and be awake for and part of the beauty- as wonderful sides of life! It’s within I, You, We, All’s a- and possibility! (Let’s) Enjoy the release, not only today but ongoing!


I, You, We, All still fear and panic too much the divine side of life as with its appreciation the single as whole humanitarian situation would look different (on this planet). Therefore let’s start to remember and activate more the positive and wanted parts of life, the high and higher vibes if wished to be (in) love, peace, bliss, beauty. It’s work, yes, it needs overcoming bad and sad memories too, but especially this is wanted, or not? Finally it’s even I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process.


The divine can absolutely be taken with ease, so let’s relax. I, You, We, All can simply ignore and avoid or listen to and live with it all the time. It’s really safe because the decision against or for comes from the human side. And as experience from all until today: nor does it beat, hurt or punish nor is it cruel or harms I, You, We, All in any way. The divine is the other side of the experience, the wonderful, the releasing, the beautiful, the forgiving because loving one. So, don’t fear nor panic (anymore) but take everything that has to deal with and care for the divine with pure ease as being.


To get higher in awareness the best thing to do is to thing nothing, on a more advanced level more determined in light and love. Important is the concentration so the calming on the beautiful. That can be a goal, however it will differ from the achievement, especially in the beginning, no doubt. Nevertheless, what I, You, We, All can do is to do it: light is possible, love is possible too. Both provoke a brighter, more wonderful sight onto life.


Enjoy the day, enjoy life with all its gifts! If wanted and ready it offers an enormous clarity and unbelievable but experienceable dimensions of alternate being. Be healed! For that calming down and ease are tools of achievement.


Being, more and more is the easy way to experience something specific. So, for example to be love, peace, bliss, beauty is the easiest way for I, You, We, All to experience it. It might take time, up to decades, all the little tiny and bigger throw-backs included but all of a sudden it’s just there, provoked because determined by I, You, We, All.


Even when tiny: If a determined new behavior pattern starts to settle down it should be kept by (re-)using it. This way continues determined experiences are possible as the brain has new capacities to concentrate on. Awareness of and for both is of advantage simply to keep the mood up.


The step from theory to practice with its consequences so from dream and imagination to experience and being is a decisive one. That makes it a challenge I, You, We, All have to go through, no matter what the determination is.


The absolute divine element for I, You, We, All is life. Life has the typical characteristic of the divine: it’s unlimited and it’s not vulnerable like the human is so everybody can trust it anytime. Therefore for those interested in release and healing of the deep fears lack and loss life is salvation: The constant decision for life in any kind of situation is relieving.


Today’s training program is as easy as effective: don’t have a specific problem anymore. Try, no, do it not to have even the worst problem!


Love, peace, bliss, beauty are entry codes. They open the door for a new being. It might be that they occasionally appear like that simply to make sure that they (still) really exist. However, to create an enduring experience, even being I, You, We, All have to go for. Cheating isn’t possible as life with its kind of existence can’t be manipulated without self-harming. As result that’s less a punishment then an awakening occasion.


Awake and get up with a smile and be released from sufferings and pain as it’s possible for I, You, We, All, no joke. And, yes, it can be repeated. Like children learn from adults they in turn can learn from the divine beings. That’s really not a mystery and needs no special effects but is a chance to evolve everyone’s being at any time. What a simple way to achieve healthier circumstances!


For today: Keep away from unnecessary tensions in your body and mind! Go for the enjoyment of I, You, We, All’s life! Yes, it’s a challenge!


The process of comfort and relief is a creating pattern for I, You, We, All. And I trust in it that it’s good to go for. Love, peace, bliss, beauty are hurdles as maybe new elements, yes, I know and realized, but wonderful ones.


(Start) Again: Trust, confidence, certainty… Name it. Give it a try for the experience. In higher stages it becomes more a being as any kind of determination is internalized later on. That’s the goal.


Yes, I absolutely admit a certain weirdness experiencing, realizing, talking and spreading the idea of life as salvation, of any kind of divine being. Yes, I absolutely admit that I as well have some trouble deciding this or that. Why not? I’m a human being however interested in divine forms of healing so evolution (too). I express my world view with this virtual monastery and the evolutionary training. So, I absolutely can retrace that for us as human beings already known and internalized forms of being are easier to continue, even so they are known as crazy (too). Or didn’t I, You, We, All not already struggle the human weirdness of daily life?


A vitalizing tool is contentment. It empowers I, You, We, All’s body, mind and even soul. The good and deep respiration coming along with is a nice side effect. Give it a try!


As far as I was taught, experienced and saw the divine doesn’t fear life but enjoys, no loves it to an epic degree. All the beings I was allowed to meet, those states of being I accordingly created, unfortunately just a few times, were total peace. The bliss and beauty were and still are astonishing! Therefore I, You, We, All still have to learn and internalize a lot if wanted.


As I, You, We, All are vulnerable but fortunately creator too we as vital beings learn and teach at the same time. No matter where and when, which age or sex: the ongoing process of diminishing and increasing is a constant, unavoidable factor. Yes, I learn from you, we, all and you, we, all learn from me.


For sure love, peace, bliss, beauty can be too much so overwhelming for I, You, We, All. Conscious- or unconsciously mastering and waiting for them for years, decades, centuries, and even more to appear and be they actually can become real. And what happens? (Maybe) Defeating actions occur as reaction: I, You, We, All don’t want that (anymore)! But instead to defeat it can, never ever must be gone for and further appreciated as the result is the release from fears with the according enjoyment of life as salvation. And yes, I, You, We, All are worth to live it!


Love, peace, bliss, beauty aren’t mystic elements of life but feasible. Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it simply appears like that. I’m aware of it, day and night. Life doesn’t make any kind of exceptions, not for I, nor for You, We or All. However, taking the determination more and more serious obviously offers more and more results.


Of course the divine beings have moods, and they pass it on! Mostly they were really amazing: glowing and full of love, peace, bliss, beauty. Sometimes they pushed, never forced me by using a kind of yelling, always combined with a direction: do this, do that! In any kind of appearance it was supporting. That’s how life can, even should be experienced: as supporting, and not as a threat.


For today experience life as salvation. Try it for just a minute. It might take a few attempts but feel and experience the achievement to stepwise get calm and bright. Overcome your tensions and fears, feel relaxed and safe instead.


I is the source of release. No matter if I exists alone or within a group, even experienced as humanity. No matter when and where: I is the fundamental source of happiness and experienced salvation.


Experience life as everything’s okay right now so releasing. Even so the logic says ‘no, it isn’t because …’ try to experience as it’s okay, right now. It’s like with the rain: it rains when it rains, whether I, You, We, All experience hate or love, distress or peace, sorrow or bliss, ugliness or beauty. The healthier the choice the deeper and more relaxed the breathing, the better the mood.


Fully aware care for what You think. It’s life!


Affirmations and negations should be used to become I: I am!


To get rid of unwanted, even harming fears is work, and there’re no exceptions. It can take seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, month, even years and decades, and yes, centuries as well.


To be traumatized fulfills the aspect of a deep loss. This can’t be overcome in a minute but takes time to learn and adapt to a new situation. The focus is allowed to be concentrated on trusting life and the stepwise appreciation of a new, wider way of experiencing it.


Be grateful. Don’t worry, don’t doubt, don’t blame, don’t hate but simply be grateful. Be grateful for the air, the light, the weather so for simple things I usually isn’t aware of: it’s life. That’s the simplest way of mental health care.


From time to time some human beings realize that what they do is in a way harm- and painful for I, You, We, maybe even All. It can even be felt senselessness. However, many simply continue doing, even being it. I’m not talking about something special, I’m not pointing to someone and only away from myself, nor do I accuse a specific religion or mention a certain time (spane), I refer to daily life in whatsoever place and culture. I simply go down being a human being. And with an according conclusion in mind the release of harm and pain, finally for humanity by using more love, peace, bliss, beauty is weird? I think it’s helpful to advance and be where enhancement is supported.


For today I offer I, You, We, All a little training example: experience the first part of the day as life is a place of being a victim so of fight, cruelties, pain, fear, panic, and finally death. The second part of the day should change towards a life as a creation so as a place of possible enhancement, release, love, care, beauty and influenceable evolutionary process as well. Experience your part of the creation of it at the same time.


Observe your breathing today. How is it? Fast and flat, or more slow and deep? Do you feel suffently supplied with oxygen? The best thing about it: you consciously can change the quality of it. Try it!


Ease body, mind and soul. I, You, We, All profit from it because of its spreading beauty. Life can be experienced that way, but it has to be gone for.


Don’t fear the beauty (of life) but love it! For sure it’s a step towards a new experience which might somehow be known already. However, as motivation, even as experience so being it’s absolutely possible!


What’s harmful when deciding for love (instead of fear)? What’s strange by carrying for peace (instead of defamation)? Is it foolish  to be interested in bliss (instead of suffering)? Don’t you appreciate beauty (instead of cruelty)? Create your world accordingly.


What’s your motivation to overcome fear, panic, pain, suffering, traumata? I guess it’s the fun, even love (for life), the peace and bliss that can be experienced, the beauty (of life). Why is it (still) so weak? Decide more for it and become the result!


Writing about yawning again I want to spread my observation that people in fear, panic, high stress levels, carrying a deep traumatization usually don’t or rarely yawn. That might sound unimportant but isn’t at all. So far as I realized yawning is a physical sign of healing as well! People feeling or becoming fine and secure profit from yawning as it materializes a healthy state of mind, feelings and soul, even during daily life. As an (un-)conscious sign of evident happiness a real deep yawning is so relaxing and stabilizing that it’s value for I, You, We, All’s peaceful being is of great importance!


If you don’t want suffering anymore stop it. If you wish deep love, or peace, maybe bliss, even beauty (in I, You, We, All’s life) instead go for it. Or do you have any other idea how else it’s possible?


Try and train more and more to feel so be safe and secure even so the situation you’re in doesn’t look like. As it makes no sense to constantly be under emotional pressure I, You, We, All are absolutely able to experience release (as well). This in turn might offer more confidence in life which is essential to feel: good! Spread it accordingly!


Friendly intentions and a strong compassionate motivation in body, mind and soul influence I, You, We, All’s experience accordingly. The voice changes, the body language opens up, the face conveys presence as the inner as outer tension relaxes. What a wonderful world everybody can live in!


Today? Relax. Try to relax as much as you can. It changes many things but doesn’t hurt at all. So, try to relax as much as you can and develop faith. Relax and have faith (in life)!


The most effective way to constantly change things in a human’s life is to become and be what was understood and determined before. This is work for I, You, We, All, no doubt, no exceptions. The consequences are the results of an according change towards a certain being. As example: if you as human being want to be a good musician or sportsman so become and be one. Don’t compare to much as others might have started earlier but become and be one as you like it to be.


Give miracles a try to become and be. Because: where else and how to experience it as human being?


Before getting sick of despair and helplessness, panic and fears: the decision for the love, the peace, the bliss, the beauty life enables I, You, We, All is healthier. Smile!!! 


Practicing meditation I realized four stages of concentration. Each stage is characterized by experiencing fewer and fewer talking, wobbling, tension that are continuously replaced by brighter light, deeper breathing, expanding well-being. The final stage is only light with a big smile. All this can be achieved by relaxing the body and silencing the mind. No mystery.


Life’s always the same. It doesn’t change so always follows the same rules. It might appear different, when and wherever I, You, We, All are. However, the experiences are created from the egos, so the aspect of: How does I experience life?


I experienced (myself) so I mean: Without trust life is a rubbish place to be. The difference between fear and trust is the interpretation of whatsoever. Accordingly: Even so things look somehow they might not be the way they are judged. It can be an interpretation of something that eventually was or maybe wasn’t. So I believe today that trust in general (e.g. in myself, in life) is more important for a happy life as constantly alert fears. The outcome is the proof, because: I, You, We, All can feel the difference!


Any kind of unnecessary fear can be replaced by confidence in a situation, in someone or something. It’s work and creates a change in experience, even being. Unnecessary means: the comprehension understood that it’s unnecessary to be. Finally it would be better for I, You, we, All to exercise trust, for example in love, peace, bliss and/ or beauty, even life. The time span can reach from seconds to centuries. However: start and train in small steps as the big one is waiting 


If I, You, We, All want real healing instead of simple appeasement of our deepest fears lack and loss the aspect soul not only should but must be taken into consideration too.


Realize the thrill of a loving, peace-, bliss- and beautiful being. Feel it!


Actually a deep relaxation can be experienced during daily life too. If better trained so internalized indicating elements show the state of being relaxed: yawning, goosebumps, deep breathing, happiness, well-being, ….


A calm, even loving mind experiences life in a more pleasant way. While this peaceful state is constantly repeated so internalized the whole perception, even of daily habits adapt accordingly. Easiness provokes the experienced bliss, and beauty of and in life appears more and more: Life changes.


Give life a chance to be a wonderful, even releasing place to be. Life offers I, You, We, All the ability.


Look at an ant or a tiny stone, look for a grain of dust or a bug which might be around. Thereafter look up at the sky, watch the clouds, or at night try to realize how far the stars are. Feel the different dimension I, You, We, All exist in. It keeps the thinking flexible. Provoke confidence.


Remember the exercise of yesterday. What were your experiences in the different dimensions? In which dimension did you tend more ‘naturally’? Repeat it if you want and get more used to. Share your experience.


The less fears the wider the dimensions I, You, We, All can experience. The natural tendency while observing the different qualities of smaller and bigger is to care more for the bigger, taller one. The smaller usually means the more vulnerable. And of course it makes sense to use its naturally given abilities.


Better experience emptiness than problems, pain, fear or suffering. It helps to keep up the mood and the awareness of a possible wonderful life. For that take some time, open your mind for the next bigger dimension of life and concentrate on emptiness: (Simply) Achieve that something has no value at all.


If some made it to achieve a determined target like emptiness the next step can be taken into account. Proposals are love, peace, bliss, beauty. (Learn to) Implant them as part of a wonderful life. It reduces all the ugly parts of experience, and I, You, We, All know it.


For today: Replace one single unnecessary fear by trust (in life). Do everything you want to achieve it, but do it!


Let’s change the focus for today: what does life offer I, You, We, All to reduce, even for release from suffering?


Let’s enjoy, even love (life) as much as I, You, We, maybe All can


Some of us humanity go for the divine level of existence. In the beginning of their career they fear it too, no doubt. But one day they realize that it doesn’t hurt to care for, doesn’t hurt at all. In the contrary: it releases. From a certain point of no return on exactly this is realized.


Both, the human as the divine being can experience thrill. The cause is the difference. While the human side still fears lack and loss so looks for appeasement and fun (which can be exciting for I, You, We, All, no doubt!) the divine part of life enjoys life as never ending, never lacking, never losing so as always full and ever rich.


An important training for today: live and experience enjoyment! Reduce craving, looking, asking for, disregard more and more suffering, fear, panic but accept, no, enjoy the situation that is. You think that’s even inhuman because of this and that? The funny thing about it: the same situation was already inhuman decades before and it looks like that it still is, so nothing changed. Accordingly, for today simply enjoy the situation that is and observe I, You, we, All from this point of view.


For today: Relax, enjoy, be open for the love, the peace, the bliss, the beauty life offers I, You, We, All.


Let’s be very realistic: humanity exists. However, do I, You, We, All feel as so is part of it? Nor can I touch or kiss, nor see or smell it, but: it exists! It really exists! Finally it works accordingly with the other dimensions life offers: or I realizes and consciously is part of it, or not.


I, You, We, All can harm or support. No matter where, when, whom. From a certain point within the evolutionary process on harm or support is the result.


As human beings I, You, WE, All live in bipolarity. Accordingly any kind of decision has to do with gaining and losing at the same time. Finally the result for any decision depends on: which force, what energy is stronger, the fear of lack and loss or the determination (for)?


Training for today: try to be a wonderful human being. And like with sports or music: find no reasons but simply be it. You might lose something,but you win too.


Exercise for today: Grab all your abilities and care for I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process. When you nor fear nor doubt but comprehend, determine and trust it love, peace, bliss, beauty aren’t so far away.


Realistically seen there’s a lot of care around your being: life itself! Open your eyes, use your human talents, become more aware of the love, peace, bliss, beauty around I, You, We, All, realize and enjoy!


Today’s training? Yawning, conscious yawning! As a sign of becoming or being relaxed it eases any kind of situation.


Yawning, especially the conscious one is a wonderful tool for those practicing it. In some situations it can be shameful, yes, so should be adapted accordingly. Nevertheless, the more it’s consciously practiced the deeper and calmer the breathing. The belly with all its intestines, our ‘second brain’ relaxes so the mood can switch towards: I feel better, I feel fine!


I know that yawning sounds absurd but it really supports relaxation. So, find a way to even force it sometimes as a sign of: I don’t need tension, I want relaxation (for love, peace, bliss, beauty)!


Life is a ‘playground’ to become and be. Becoming and being depends on comprehension, determination (decision), internalisation and achievement. With yawning I, You, We, almost All  got a wonderful tool to relax. Let’s use it!


For today: care for love, peace, bliss, beauty. I propose nor to blame nor to harm I, You, We, All but to go for: love, peace, bliss, beauty. Realize the fears coming up as things/ situations may change. Overcome them stepwise, yes, maybe simply by using yawning!


Continue to care for love, peace, bliss, beauty! Don’t blame, don’t harm but support and offer. Don’t fear but allow more love, more beauty!


The quality of the energetic levels I, You, We, All live in are to comprehend like the different dimensions: there are as well the taller as the smaller units and entities. Accordingly I, You, We, All can care for the higher or the lower, the brighter or darker energetic level. The result will be like the universal law always and ever offers us: as consequence of the taken decision. Depending on the comprehension with according determination and internalisation advancements, for example towards love, peace, bliss, beauty are possible.


The highest form of satisfaction is voluntariness. So, if I, You, We, All are determined to achieve something acting without being forced is the key for fulfillment. Even so waking up (for), standing up (for), staying awake (for) are unavoidable parameters of success the motivation makes the difference.


Where and what is your divinity? Is it conscious or unconscious? What are your experiences? Do you live it (sometimes) or hide it all the time? How much worth is it? And what about humanity: is it stressful and stupid or worthy to support and evolve?


Did, even do I, You, We, All try so experience love peace, bliss, beauty as life content? How can it be if not determined, finally internalized and materialized? Do cars or planes, houses and streets, different states, sports, music exist simply like this, or aren’t they products of human thinking and feeling with its following materialization as well?


Life isn’t boring, life isn’t boring at all. Life and its offers can become the biggest challenge in I, You, We, All’s life, no matter where and when. Elements to evolve aren’t only comprehension, determination and internalisation but trust and simple yawning (to overcome appearing fears) too.


Today’s training: Be happy as much as you can! Try, even force yourself to see the love, the peace, the bliss, the beauty life offers I, You, We, All. That’s really something created by: yourself!


Your training today? Trust! Trust your own and others happiness! Trust your own and others love! Trust your own and others peace and bliss! And finally: Trust your own and others beauty! What a challenge!


With I, You, We, All’s mental care it’s like with arts, music or sports: what’s the motivation, is it easy or complicated to practice, are investments (of time, money, pleasure) accepted?


If I, You, We, All want the divine (beings) exists. If not it doesn’t. Life’s so simple.


Training for today: dedicate love, peace, bliss, beauty your being


Training for today: experience things and situations in a brighter light. Sharpen your senses and concentrate on the finer elements (of life).


For today combine the last two trainings: be dedicated to love, peace, bliss, beauty with sharpened senses.


To internalize any kind of behaviour, thinking and feeling so being I, You, We, All have to repeat. The more the repetition is intensified the more it will become a standard (being). In the long-run it’s the experience right now. Accordingly: any determination will become a being, depending on the intensity of the internalization. Each elder determination is the present moment.


Try to experience life as a divine playground too. Don’ t only see the aspects of appearance, being and disappearance but look at the eternal parts of life like time, space and energy too. Confront yourself on a more realistic so wider base with these dimensions and get rid of the fears to be within as I, You, We, All are already.


For today: go for love, peace, bliss, beauty again. Care for it as something wonderful! Experience more and more their releasing aspects!


The divine is never ever a threat, nor does it hurt or punish. It’s not interested at all in possessing I, You, We, All nor to give order. The difference is the voluntariness in all what I, You, We, All do, think, feel. The divine gives ideas, offers possibilities and teachings, sends messages and advices, provokes changes if wished, raises concerns, but never ever forces. That’s I, You, We, All’s decision on a voluntary base. That’s our all ability to create.


Do you wish an upper level training for today? Than experience life as salvation!


Let’s make a break for today. Let’s simply enjoy life as much as I, You, We, All can. To enhance our evolutionary process love, peace, bliss, beauty are common tools to be.


The divine is like a new language or moving somewhere else. Yes, I would say it can be compared with both. The more you’re interested, the more you listen, the more you speak and use it, the more you adapt so the more you practice the deeper and better not only the understanding but the daily use.


In advanced levels of a whether conscious or unconscious energetic existence of I, You, We, All goose bumps (beside yawning) released from love, peace, bliss, beauty become a longer experience so remain for a while. It’s the result of an exciting, even releasing energy that appears longer and more stable. As it’s present from head to toe it’s a remarkable experience.


A good thing I, You, We, All can do is to decide for life, on and on. Avoid more and more to see life as a threat but get its ability to offer evolution as well. For that support is needed as life is a waste place to be.


Exercise for today: sharpen your senses (again)! It’s like with sports combined with the motivation to keep you healthy and fit. Look at life with a stronger intention to make it a wonderful place to be. Be aware that this is I, You, We, All’s voluntary decision.


For today: give love, peace, bliss, beauty a bigger chance to be, even as growing part of I, You, We, All.


For today: be light, feel good, experience love, spread beauty, care for life as salvation.


For today: observe what you eat, drink, inhale and realize the influence on your perception as its cognitiv as emotional processing. Observe especially the reactions in the long-run. You may be surprised but already these daily events are responsible for the way you experience of life.


Why did I mention food, drinks and inhalations for mental care yesterday? Well, my observations show that the influence of the consumption of whatsoever (even healthy herbs!) has influence on the mood. Sounds absurd, no? However, it can even be dramatically in its appearance. But why? I can’t answer that question. I really don’t know what and where, body or brain, this kind of modulation happens. But for sure I can tell: If you’re in a bad, even terrible mood or upset it can be caused by ‘side effects’ from what you consumed hours, even a day before. No kidding!


The time span to overcome fears varies from seconds to minutes to hours to days, weeks, months and years. And yes, this period can continue via decades to centuries, and there will be no end in sight if, yes, if a change towards healing so release isn’t wanted. Even generations pass so carry fears on and on, and that as long as life is a threat and not salvation. The nice thing about it: As human beings I, You, We, All have to deal with it, no exceptions 


Today is a recreational day. Enjoy the love, the peace, the bliss, the beauty you achieved. It might be more than you realize! However: be always aware that life offers you any second you experience the possibility to be released!


For I, You, We, All changes, voluntary or not, are challenges. Curiosity and courage, even craving helps us to overcome fears but already as a child some bad experiences unavoidably were made. So, as they are stored somewhere in body and mind, and the basic situation of ‘Yes, I want to become or to be’ combined with an unpredictable string of events still exists, changes remain a challenge. Accordingly is to observe that the worse so the more harming an experience was for a human being the more and deeper it’s stored. And after all the shit it still has to be said: If I, You, We, All make it to overcome these fears with the according determination the next step towards being trustful in love, peace, bliss, beauty, in turn attracting all its effects on anyone’s experience, is unavoidably made!


Materialization is the being so the experience. Life offers the different levels of existence and eternity for it. What do I, You, We, All (want to) create, so experience?


Enjoy the beauty of life. Be open for its offers. Make life a nice and wonderful place to be. Use your abilities, even train them to support I, You, We, All. They are phenomenal if you want! Be aware of your human being with its consciousness. Wake and stand up for the possible love, peace, bliss, beauty in everyone’s life. Let your ability to overcome the ugly grow and become part of maybe even a divine evolutionary process. Be grateful, it doesn’t hurt.


To overcome general fears or specific phobias it takes primarily a clear motivation: Do I, You, We, All want to overcome them to achieve this or that? Accordingly I, You, We, All have to start to understand what’s going on right now. It’s the of me so called comprehension work. To be clear in which direction the evolutionary process shall go a determination has to be decided. Decided, because there are basically two possibilities to overcome blocking emotions: appease or release. Appease means: there’s a fear and I appease by pacifying it. For the future it can and might be combined with the craving for more and more having. Release means: there’s a hindrance and I solve it until it’s vanished. Usually it includes the need for an effort to achieve for example more love, peace, bliss, beauty. So, there’s a craving for more and more too, but this time for the being.


To remember: yawning is a very simple but effective tool to reduce any kind of unwanted tension in and out of body and mind. Try to use it, sometimes even consciously.


Simplified three main streams of our being can be observed so taught. Mainly there is the wish to remain where I, You, We, All are. In short: I, You, We, All are human beings and we want to keep it with all its inventions and solutions as well as our unavoidable vulnerability and finally death. Some of us conscious- or unconsciously choose the diminishing path of becoming and being. In short: It lowers any kind of the wonderful human being by willingly harming, finally destroying human abilities. And finally some may choose the divine path by conscious- or unconsciously support and care for life as salvation. They teach something like to trust in love, peace, bliss, beauty. Maybe let’s compare evolution with any kind of having: some want more, some want less, some simply want to keep the level.


For today: offer more time, more space, more ability to show wonderful thoughts and feelings so being. It’s a challenge, however for I, You, We, All a rewarding one! All this, please, without suffering and pain but released!


For life time has no meaning as it’s simply no factor. As life is eternity the playground to be is endless.


Experience (your) different ways of perception (please without drugs!). Try to find out how you provoke more suffering and pain or how to increase your release from it. In the beginning it might just be a simple exercise. At the end it can influence I, You, we, All’s love, peace, bliss, beauty so evolutionary process.


For today: try to relax as much as you can. It’s an effort, no doubt, however try to reduce any tension in body and mind as much as possible to experience a finer and clearer perception of life. Try to establish real happy experiences as being.


Experience life as a nice and wonderful, even divine place to be. It’s within I, You, We, All’s ability to live.


For today a simple one: I’m grateful! Maybe even: I’m grateful for those carrying for love, peace, bliss, beauty!


Realize the human evolution. It’s the love, the peace, the bliss, the beauty I, You, We, All experience if our motivation so our being is accordingly.


What I, You, We, All experience depends on two main factors: fears (especially lack and loss) and determination. It’s hard to believe and might become a huge challenge for, I guess, most of us but what is experienced as human beings depends on those two factors. And now: ready for a bigger step? All experiences depend on the comprehension of this. But what to determine? Realistic suggestions are love, peace, bliss, beauty. Yes, I, You, We, All are the creators of the world we live in, and continues suffering and pain are as well possible as release and human evolution as such. Overcoming fears and generating deeper determination has so far the biggest and deepest impact on human life.


For today: enjoy life as much as you can. I, You, We, All profit from it!


Life is: I. I can be a human being, I can be(come) a soul. Whatever is and want to be experienced, name it: I is the source of experiencing it. So if hate or love, defamation or support dominate within life, if it’s you separated from each other or we together, growing, whether isolated individuals or humanity as a whole: I is the source of perception and creation. I’s tools are all the human, even divine abilities and talents I has. They’re enough to comprehend, even determine that a next level of love, peace, bliss, beauty is real.


And for today: feel your body with its perfection and imperfection, offer your mind love, peace, bliss, beauty, and especially: enjoy your soul! Yes, experience it like you as all others have one.


Let’s try to be a soul today. The only thing I promise is: it doesn’t hurt I, You, We, All.


To better understand the divine side of life so I, You, We, All’s possible human evolutionary process we have to face our motivation. There’re two main principles of leading a human life: There’s the having with ‘I want’, and there’s the being with ‘I am’. The divine cares for the ‘I am’ and takes full responsibility for it. Accordingly if I, You, We, All decide for it we get full support (which needs trust in the beginning until, yes, until good experiences were made and are internalized). I had to learn that the divine side of life is if I want and that I have to decide for it, and not the other way around. And now: enjoy life!!!


I’ve to admit that I underestimated by far the deep fears of getting and becoming. Until today I concentrated to much on the fears lack and loss. What a mistake! I unconsciously denied the other part of life: the determined growing!


To be realistic: Human life ends unavoidably in diseases and death so loss of everything. That’s our vulnerability with absolutely no exceptions. Yes, I, You, We, All can accept this without being ‘punished’ at any time. In the divine world punishment doesn’t exist. However, life can be divine if simply decided accordingly. Yes, it can become and be a never ending creational process.


Years ago I asked: what shall I do now? The prompt answer was: nothing. So today I suggest: nothing!!! 


Referring to yesterday: The divine isn’t only a dream as it can become and be so it’s realistic. As it’s free of charge it provokes somehow fears. So doing nothing can become and be a deep element of trust in love, peace, bliss, beauty: the divine (being) nevertheless exists.


Love, peace, bliss, beauty are quite real challenges for many of us. And what about goodwill, forgiveness, trust in life, evolution? But why? Well, who teaches these from most suffering and pain releasing so evolutionary elements of life: your family, the kindergarten, school, universities, homeless people, religions? We have to be realistic: concerning the divine being we’re analphabets, real analphabets. And that’s not really a joke but simply to painful. So for today I suggest love, peace, bliss, beauy as motivation.


Enjoy! Enjoy life! Enjoy love! Enjoy the divine being! This and much more doesn’t hurt at all but instead provokes goose bumps and the pleasure to be. It energizes in a natural way!


We as human beings have constantly the chance to change things for the better. But what is better, what means better? Pretty good for us and our possible evolutionary process is to feel for example less fear, even panic, guilt or sorrow but to experience more love, peace, bliss, beauty. Both emotional states can help us to be protected so to stay healthy and safe. However, in the long-run the nice experiences are simply more carrying.


I suggest recreation for today. Enjoy what I achieved.


Exercise for today: bring body and mind, maybe even soul so feeling and thoughts, possibly even eternity in line. In fact this state is a being without conflicts.


For today: smile! Think it, feel it, especially be it. It eases. It’s like yawning: relax! Now I, You, We, All already have two tools to feel better.


The divine palace is life. Experience it accordingly. Love, peace, bliss, beauty are the tools as I, You, We, All can be it all the way.


As a reminder: Love, peace, bliss, beauty aren’t threats but THE releasing elements of life. Enjoy them by creating according energies. It all depends on what I, You, We, All do out of it as possibilities as abilities are present.


If I, You, We, All want human beings can advance to souls caring for their brightness.


As you perhaps know and maybe realized: thinking, mood, behave, even perception, your point of view, name it, somehow stick together. Logically being determined for a good, even better being creates according experiences.


Let’s bring the last two days together and approach more the idea of life that can become an evolutionary process too. Accordingly grab the idea of ‘I, You, We, All can be experienced as souls’ with the daily possibilities of love, peace, bliss, beauty.


If I, You, We, All want the idea of ‘Experience I, You, We. All as souls’ can be continued. For sure I can claim that this combined with love, peace, bliss, beauty doesn’t hurt nor harm anyone but may motivate us to care more accordingly.


A decade ago while sitting in a library writing my own holy book I nevertheless dwelled in my poor being. Thoughts, mood, behave, name it, everything dark and bad. Suddenly I was strongly recommend to quit this shitty feeling of lack. Today I pass on this advice.


If there’s any kind of recognized and unwanted hate, disgust, unnecessary fear so bothering feelings I, You, We, All should enlighten its life to not aggravate its single as total experience. This kind of work can start with the comprehension: If nothing is done the situation is stored (somewhere). It will remain as history shows that it doesn’t fade away like this. Accordingly a releasing determination to overcome those threats is advisable. But what does it mean to be determined? The steps are very simple but resistance isn’t: waking, standing, remaining up for love, peace, bliss, beauty.


Don’t forget to yawn. It eases situations in a very simple way. Keep up bright thoughts and moods to experience more clarity. Nothing can hinder I, You, We, All to experience love, peace, bliss, beauty except I, You, We, All itself.


What else did I learn from the divine? Well, they never punished, degraded or defamed me. They never told me that I’m crazy or an idiot, not worth it. On the other hand they never treated me like a privileged human being or someone extraordinary talented for this or that. They just told me what I create so initiate right now and what the result will be: ugly, even crucial or released and evolutionary. What was my conclusion? I, You, We, All are the same, no matter which sex, no matter where and when. No special treatments at all but for all absolutely the same.


It might sound absurd but being happy is a voluntary decision as well. I, You, We, All can voluntarily decide to be happy.


Create a being (as well) that makes I, You, We, All happy, that eases life even for humanity. I don’t know exactly how but do it. For sure I has to be happy for that. Elements like comprehension and determination, finally internalisation of beings like love, peace, bliss, beauty are supportive.


Can you imagine seven billions human beings? Yes or no, it’s the reality I, You, We, All live in right now. And the number still grows. What’s the goal?


Evolution means as well to create a being that makes I, You, We, All smile experiencing it. One of these step would include not to misuse fears to harm but to replace it by trust (in life)


For today a little challenge: trust. Trust especially in oneself but life as well. Small, simple steps are advisable. For example put your watch away for a certain time. Try to feel, try to think nevertheless safe. Of course the longer so the deeper you come the better it is. Combine it with this crazy yawning I’m talking about. It will affect the physical level. I’ll do the same, and all can follow.


For today: Enjoy life as much as you can. Don’t harm yourself, don’t harm others. From a certain point on it doesn’t help I, You, We, All that someone suffers. So better enjoy (life).


For today I suggest recreation. Enjoy your time, your being, your presence. It’s worth it 


My confrontation with the divine possibilities of life were and still are sometimes overwhelming, sometimes already routine. As I myself can reproduce it just in tiny doses right now I nevertheless take the experience as example as it was and is present, if I want even all the time. As it’s supportive for I, You, We, All I accept that care.


All occurring fears and phobias can be confronted with love, peace, bliss, beauty. All insecurities may ask for the aspects of faith and forgiveness. Enemies vanish with the idea of souls and humanity. All these solutions can be combined to an evolutionary being, all this on a volutary base.


The value of a human evolutionary process might not be clear right now. Yes, I absolutely agree that it can become even bothering. It can bother I, You, We, All so much that it’s going to be rejected (one day): what shall we do with, why should we go for that worthless, even annoying topic too? Somehow everything runs fine, no bigger trouble or whatsoever problems expected (and that’s a nice, even exceptional state of being I really enjoy too!). I feel the same sometimes. However overwhelming things occur, expected- or unexpectedly, no matter who, where and when. Confronting our deepest fears of lack and loss that way aren’t only probably but really our biggest challenges in our lifetime as human beings. Aware of it that’s my motivation for I, You, We, All to go on and on for love, peace, bliss, beauty and life as, yes, life as releasing divine playground too.


Enjoy life. Life is eternal. Life is eternal as space is. And time isn’t limited too. Time is endless. Ask life. I, You, We, All can go on. For that trust in life is a wonderful tool. Finally a promise: To trust in life needs an according motivation but doesn’t hurt.


Referring to yesterday: Trust (finally even in life?) is a tool I actually needs to experience possible elements like love, peace, bliss, beauty. The equation is simple: the deeper the trust the deeper the possible experience as I itself creates too. Therefore training trust in even tiny steps is essential for wonderful experiences 


Trust your yawning, yawn for your trust. It might sound ridiculous but it can help to reduce the ugly. At the same time it may enhance love, peace, bliss, beauty for I, You, We, All.


Trust is an experience so it comes from within too. Let’s train it in little steps. Let’s use our daily being for it. Trust in oneself is worthy it, unfortunately it’s as vulnerable as human life is at the same time. Trust in life will be the biggest because evolutionary step for I, You, We, All. For that it needs an according decision. Yes, let’s trust in love, peace, bliss, beauty.


For me being a human is a talent. I, You, We, All as single being as finally as humanity are able to do determined things. So for example we all have more or less the talent to relax, to ease our life, our experiences. I have no doubts asserting that. It’s simply a question of using, repeating and internalizing it. What and how or when does I (usually) do it? I mainly suggest a pleasant lifestyle with physical as mental care, combined with laughing and yawning in daily life, Additionally the divine became one of my guides to realize evolutionary processes as well.


Yes, I’m absolutely aware of the cruelties of (human) life. I’ve really no doubt they exist for I, You, We, All, man-made or not. In the same manner I’m aware of the releasing elements of life today. I experienced and still experience it, even with the divine side of life. Yes, love, peace, bliss, beauty exist! They really exist! Go for it, take your time even if it takes decades to let it grow. The result, the investment is worth it and will pay in an according, even evolutionary process!


Remember the last days, the last exercises: If I, You, We, All want to experience love, peace, bliss, beauty I, You, We, All can affirm its decision for it. The step itself is always voluntarily. So for today some of us might experience resistance to really go for it (again) but there’s our trust (in ourself, even in life) too. Practicing ‘as if’ is a good and simple way to advance. Love, peace, bliss, beauty are worth to trust in it! Take it easy.


All human life is vulnerable, no excuses, no exceptions. Usually I, You, We, All tend to better accept the known life styles even so the painful, in worst cases ugly parts of it are conscious. But what can be releasing of our all’s vulnerability? I was taught different things. So I not only heard but realized that love, peace, bliss, beauty enhance themselves our being with experiences here. On the other hand I, You, We, All have unlimited access to life  So, let’s go for life too! Only life is unlimited.


Life doesn’t care for your evolutionary process, it just offers you the possibility. Therefore it doesn’t care whether you’re a man or a woman, tall or small, with or without kids, relationships, money, job. Age is not of interest as well as your place and time of experience.  Accordingly it doesn’t care which political, ethical or religious direction I, You, We, All take. Yes, life doesn’t even care if I, You, We, All feel good or not. Creation happens with our human talents while life simply is always and ever. Look up the sky get ready for another reality 


Sometimes I have the strong ambition to care more for myself, to really be selfish. The motivation behind? The better I feel the better my relationships. As complains are always possible (even towards life and its timeless natural laws) love, peace, bliss, beauty can exist in the same manner. It’s just the other way around, the more pleasant direction: experiencing my being, life as a wonderful thing too.


For today I suggest: take things easier by being more determined. Look for a nice intention to create a wonderful day, week, month, year, maybe even life. Don’t be too shy to be too nice but release yourself from only being good because being tuff. Why not being a loving, peace-, bliss-, beautiful person too (sometimes)?


For today I suggest to use our human abilities to enjoy the divine life, the divine beings as much as I, You, We, All can. It really helps to support our all well-being which finally ends up in an enhancing evolutionary process. Don’t use fear and panic to advance but love, peace, bliss, beauty instead.


I suggest to repeat yesterday’s exercise. Enjoy life, enjoy the wonderful parts of it. (Try to) Experience the divine side of it too. I promise: it really doesn’t hurt! Even so the love, peace, bliss, beauty might overwhelm you: it’s worth it!


If the last two days were successful than you got new, bright, maybe even divine experiences. If not a change is still possible. Life will stay for the next billion years. However, the divine as experience doesn’t hurt but causes exceptional well-being, am I right?


Throwbacks are, as fatigue, desperation, anger as other bothering emotions, part of I, You, We, All’s being. However, comprehension and determination towards dreams and visions are our human tools to overcome the annoying as often as it appears, and even more. In advanced stages, the earlier and stronger the enhancing investigation is materialized, possibly as prevention too, the better the experience.


Some more information about the divine world: It’s always the same. It doesn’t change so it doesn’t matter when and where and who is interested in. The divine world is endless timeless and boundless. It exists and grows by using so being love, peace, bliss, beauty. It’s open for I, You, We, All but like with human relationships too it needs I’s openness and interest and will. Finally the divine world is more simple than the human world as it’s clear that only support supports and care cares.


Decide for life, at its best on and on. Decide for life as something releasing. Experience life as something releasing. Yes, it’s a challenge. Even if the reason is not fully understood yet, and the overall situation might look awful, and this not only to you, simply do it.


Life doesn’t make any difference between I, You, We, All. It simply offers its situations and laws. They’re absolutely the same for everybody. No exceptions, no special treatments. So it’s up to I, You, We, All what to make out of it so to experience.


In the beginning of my teachings I got two for me very important messages: ‘Learn to love the shit’ and ‘Life is salvation’. Today I pass it on.


Of course it’s ‘difficult’ sometimes to understand the divine. That causes fears, no doubt, but curiosity maybe too. Accordingly I, You, We, All can start to understand that the human and divine differ from each other.


A little exercise for today: try to be love, peace, bliss, beauty. Simply try to be.


The purpose of the human evolutionary process? To become and especially be accordingly. So I, You, we, All may repeat yesterday’s exercise without being hurt but full of the determined. It might be new, even unreal because unknown, however evolutionary.


To experience life as a gift and not as a threat, that’s the challenge, even an evolutionary one.


Little exercise for today: Concentrate on the divine (being). Simply try.


Today can be the day to realize that the divine isn’t exhausting


For today I suggest to combine for you important exercises and to repeat them. So for example if you experienced yawning combined with releasing effects so go ahead. Or if the idea of souls was something you liked: why not repeating and internalizing it? Or why not (continue to) go for love, peace, bliss, beauty?


The main aspect for I, You, We, All’s evolutionary process isn’t the having but the being; I, You, We, All are. Accordingly the main focus has to be on: I am (love, peace, bliss, beauty)


What else did I experience with the divine side of life? Well, simple however effective things like not slipping into negativity, especially not repeating nor extending it (if hopefully aware of it). Instead I shall stay determined with will power and intensifying repetition for love, peace, bliss, beauty. This way not the self-diminishing, self-diffaming, self-destroying elements are in the foreground but the determined internalization so wanted experience. Feeling good is so simple: don’t slip into negativity but stay with the love, peace, bliss, beauty (for life and its offers).


The same way, the same principle I, You, We, All can deny and avoid it’s possible to arise and care for something. Motivation and determination, decision and internalization are crucial elements of any kind of achievement. Accordingly even the divine as releasing possibility is available.


Enabled by life funny elements like love, peace, bliss, beauty are essential to feel good. That’s what I found out while being in contact with the divine: total brightness, clear feelings, wonderful experiences. Yes, they never were in a bad mood but always full of love and constantly brilliant in their appearances. Wow! Accordingly (for me) the question today is: how important are those facts for I, You, We, All, and how high are and will be the according investments (in)?


Suggestion for today: Let’s enjoy our abilities love, peace, bliss, beauty as much as I, You, We, All can.


Even in the worst situation: Decide for life! (Only) Life is salvation! This message is angel approved 


Suggestion for today: let’s try to experience life as something releasing. Life as a source of release.


In whatever mood I, You, We, All are: life’s there, full of energy! To enjoy it  makes sense as it opens up corresponding doors. Enhancement is nothing else than enjoyment of life.


Offer life the opportunity to be wonderful for I, You, We, All. Be more aware of the releasing parts of it. Life and the decision for it is the only possible solution to survive it.


Anger is a real monster, especially with no escape in mind. It finally destroys all higher human abilities I, You, We, All posses. Therefore it’s advisable to leave that kind of self-destruction, especially if experienced in loops. Come to a rest. Distract yourself or others from the repetition by being something totally different. Continue with the brightness and clarity love, peace, bliss, beauty offer.


The more I think in love the more I experience it. The more I’m in peace and bliss the more I experience it. The more I live beauty the more I experience it. If I can do it You, We, All can do it in its specific way too. The divine tools are comprehension, determination, internalisation.


Caught in loops especially of unnecessary fears and panic life becomes and remains brutal. Relieved by love, peace, bliss, beauty life becomes not only clearer in its appearance but is bright and easy to handle as well. Divine beings are the proof. I, You, we, All can open up for it.


I’ve never met tired or exhausted divine beings, no matter alone or together. In the contrary: They always offered me an energetic kind of experience full of vitality and breathtaking appearance. And the message behind? Evolution is reality.

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