Appeasement or Release

Accumulated divine contacts stepwise taught me that there’s a huge difference between appeasement and release (as determination). Long story short: The difference in understanding and materialization may safe I from several decades, centuries, even millenniums of unnecessary suffering and pain. While appeasement hides the deep fears of lack and loss (behind something) the deep release results in: I doesn’t have the problem anymore so it can go on in its evolutionary process. Accordingly to move on faster the ‘hiding behind’ is to overcome and to be replaced by being ‘clean’.

Simple releasing Tools

An incomplete collection of simple releasing tools interested human beings can practice:

  • to take the voluntary decision to be released
  • to stand up and remain
  • to learn to love (the crap :-)) or: comprehension, determination, internalization of (being) love, peace, bliss
  • to experience and live life as salvation
  • I, You, We, All are souls so human values become less important
  • to yawn and get goose bumps, depending on so sign of right thoughts
  • to use/ sing in higher voices with according frequencies/ vibrations
  • (the) nothing
  • to meditate
  • not to fear but to be open for the divine (world/ family)
  • feathers (seen as divine signs)
  • to train stability in all this and more

No mystics, no special effects, no harming nor punishments, no preferences.

Companionship with a Fly

A few days ago: Sitting at my table enjoying my freshly brewed tea I observed all of a sudden this fly. It was merely next to me walking around, looking for some food or whatever, maybe some companionship. In some way it smelled my good steaming tea and, yeah, after a while the fly planned to share and enjoy it with me. So it jumped on my hot cup and started sucking at those tiny rests I left at the border. I simply was surprised that it didn’t burn its six feet as the cup was really hot. So, without really being disturbed by my from time to time drinking (I wanted some tea too!) it always came back and: enjoyed visibly! Of course it stopped after some good mouthful sips but instead to fly away it sat down on my arm and started cleaning head and trunk. Yeah, it really started to feel simply good and safe and I was allowed to share this wonderful moment with it. It came along that I felt like being in a kind of companionship: hey, let’s live this perfect moment! It continued walking towards my hand and to relax… Well, after a while I caught my new friend, this real tiny soul, brought it to my balcony and let it fly away… Bye, little friend!!! Fly!!!

Time to Celebrate Release

Let’s talk about release (again): Yes, it can be celebrated! And I, You, We, All are allowed to! To realize life as salvation is (the beginning of) an evolutionary step! To perceive and step wise internalize the released world I, You, We, All have to be similar so it’s not a miracle but living a specific comprehension and determination. For that it’s not only advisable to create a relaxed mind and loving emotions but for example to eat and drink accordingly too. Perception, emotions, mind, nutrition and all others seem to interact in a way. Now, every interested human being has to find out what kind of nourishment, emotion, thinking so materialization is helpful and supporting or not. Yes, I believe that a for I, You, We, All healthy kind of selfishness is mandatory to progress. Life offers endless varieties and levels of being, from the atom and smaller to the universe and bigger. Our possible divine being for example offers constant pleasure created by salvation. So I suggest to stay tuned with: life! :-)

From Comprehension to Internalization

Day and night or seasons, time, electronic devices, cars, planes and bikes, money, houses, oil, walls, name it, don’t exist for the divine world. They appear independent of whatsoever situation. They are always surrounded by light. As far as I know they don’t practice special rituals or have specific behaves. They are decided for love, peace, bliss and this motivation is enough to achieve according results. They never told me to give up everything here on earth (however gave advices to leave things behind) but to care for and provoke what they live. So they help me as example. Nevertheless I still have the conflicting aspects of those differing worlds unsolved as they differ from each other already on basic levels. For example I, You, We, All as human beings have to understand that for the divine side birth and death don’t exist. Do you understand what I mean?

Higher Awareness through Meditation

If I get teachings and others it can be valid for I, You, We, All. They are of real importance if looking for release and seeking human evolution. The awareness that interactions with the divine is based on voluntariness might ease the path. As there are no preferences at all humanity can be the audience. No matter which situation somebody is in: the teachings can be applied even right away. There is a simple logic behind: The more determined so intense release and evolution are provoked the healthier the result. Nice to know: I, You, We, All can get teachings and others so I’m not one of those crazy human beings! ;-)

Some Notes I made

No rules, no punishments, no commands, only advices, ideas, questions to achieve individual responsibility and to get a feeling for (releasing) results. Divine/ released being more important/ of value/ of interest than human having/ appeasement/ pleasure/ achievements. Fun is fine, sometimes supported (if harmless), sometimes questioned (see results), sometimes warnings (motivation?), sometimes even led away from (e.g. food, situations) to create another awareness. Instead: stand up for I’s divine being. Advancement/ Growth by being determined. Is are defiant. Divine family so happy/ laughing to see that I’m with them (again)!

Human Being, human Values: Not of interest!?

Today I have to state: My divine family doesn’t really care for my human being and values, even wants to keep me away from it. During all the years I’m more and more with and part of them they really never cared for my human ‘career’. As they are aware that I’m aware today they don’t have to care for it (anymore). Accordingly, whether I’m a man or a woman, whether I’m awfully successful or poor, whether I have kids or not, my age, my look, sports man, hanging around or working like a horse, name it: all of this human stuff was and isn’t of interest for them. Of course I can ask: why? But in 2001 I deeply acknowledged to care for human evolution, so I said ‘Yes!’ to it. And, believe it or not, for my so You, We, All’s evolutionary process all human values fortunately aren’t of interest for that. Actually I became more and more aware of: human life is only a kind of tool, only an evolutionary intermediate step towards more sophisticated forms of being. My so our divine family cares for love, peace, bliss. Why should they care for our archaic and rude values being the cause so provoking our human suffering and pain? Do I, would you support crimes to teach confidence? It’s actually not in their focus as they look for our released being. Got it!?

Release needs Sophistication

After more than a half of my lifetime I deeply understood how important a good, a real pleasant mood is and to determine it. To enhance any healing and evolutionary process I realized that it’s one of our human tools to feel so experience a more sophisticated life (style). Consequently I feel how important forgiveness so allowance, even gratefulness is. To avoid to misuse my power through punishment, usually to get and gain something I had and still have to determine three releasing elements: love, peace, bliss. As the divine taught me to grant I have to internalize so to focus on the real important elements of I, You, We, All’s release.

From Fear to Confidence

If release is what humanity needs than a few determinations are mandatory. For example one issue is to experience life as salvation so to have confidence into. While the deep fears of lack and loss are human issues the divine approach is confidence. I was taught to do it step wise and to begin with easy issues in daily life.

Concerned about my Decisions

As far as I can tell my divine family isn’t only interested in what I live so provoke and experience. As their focus is on my so there evolutionary process (today I know that supporting tinier souls with and through love helps to develop them self) they are in the same way concerned of the decisions I take. These are the moments were they are usually present too. They support me or by warnings up to yelling (yes, they can really be loud!) or by smiling and simply being happy.

Brightness and Light are Parts of it

To experience release brightness up til light are parts of it. I don’t know why, I have no real answer for that phenomenon but: if I experience release (on demand) brightness up til light are unavoidable parts of it. Usually I use meditation for that but during the day according thoughts can provoke the same (if distractions aren’t to intense). While in the early years I experienced a step-wise approach (down to four stages of deeper relaxation) I live it today more like a ‘slipping into’. But whatever way it takes: the result is the same. With any augmentation of brightness and light (combined with other reactions) the amount of thoughts is decreased, finally down to zero. As you may imagine I can report that the quality of my life experience is way more pleasant that way. However, be aware that your experiences may totally differ from mine! I simply describe this to show how and that our life experience can be influenced in a better way and this with our own, natural abilities. That’s all.

Simple Questions, simple Answers

If release is what humanity needs: let’s talk about! I suggest to start with my own experience: How does my work/ process/ experience look like? Well, to better understand let’s have a short intro. In the beginning of my divine interest and motivation I had those presentiments. After a while I heard more and more of those wonderful voices in-/ outside of me giving me ideas, advices and, now comes the most important part, asking questions as well. Usually these were questions where I could simply answer with: yes or no. And so it is today. Simple questions, simple answers. Accordingly, today I would ask for example: Do I, You, We, All want release? If yes, let’s continue to be determined. If no, let’s simply quit. While ‘yes’ will change everything ‘no’ will leave everything untouched. Nothing mysterious, simple logic.