Thoughts to easier understand Human Evolution

Let’s not ignore but ‘listen’ to our soul(s). They experience life differently as they follow eternal values promoted by love, peace, bliss.

If my divine family says that humanity needs release I ask myself today: Who is, including me, really, I mean really going for it (with all consequences)? Do I know someone, including myself? How many have to be around that I, You, We, All decide accordingly? What’s my tendency to be (today): appeasement, release? Let’s go for release! :-) It’s wonderful!

While appeasement needs those deep fears of lack and loss release constantly asks for love. peace and bliss to be

While total loss for and of I, You, We, All is obvious so the best proof ever release offers life as salvation. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of? Let’s go for that kind of proof! Eternity isn’t a fairy tale but a huge part of our daily life. Or is the universe nonsense?

For whom life is already release so free(d) of suffering and pain, vulnerability, lack and finally loss? That would be a real evolutionary progress for I, You, We, All.

Why is release so off interest? Or let’s ask: Why is suffering and pain so easily accepted?

As human beings we create different kinds of truth. Each one is based on mental and emotional human ‘constructions’. Human truth usually disregards life as salvation.

Release is free(d) of conflicts

Release is a fundamental decision. Cheating? Impossible!

Stepwise I realized that my premonition was right: for a fundamental change a fundamental decision has to be taken. Anything else is superficial, and superficial means: no according result.

As far as I experience it there are different growth/ energetic stages I, You, We, All go through. So far there isn’t one single step to become and be released (even so it would be the ultimate shortcut!). Nevertheless, appearing intermediate steps (maybe unnecessary cautious ;-) ) are reality. So observing myself I can recognize changing differences in e.g. authority and trust. Already these are signs/ indications for an evolutionary progress that doesn’t work linear towards up/ more (or down/ less) but according to and dependant on conscious or unconscious behaves, motivation, decisions and determinations.

If I, You, We, All would invest the same amount of time/ energy/ interest in release instead of appeasement our daily life would look totally different

Release might be for foolish people but: it’s releasing

Appeasement is not release, release is not appeasement

Like appeasement release can be established in I, You, We, All’s daily routine too

Whatever is determined: it might contradict other(s)

One difference between human love, peace, bliss and the divine is time. While in human experience time is a limiting factor so lack and loss are obvious the releasing side of life is eternal: lack and loss are impossible. So to go from limited to unlimited is a step to do if release the choice. Unfortunately it asks for ‘losing the human (being/ values)’ which in turn causes enormous fears ;-)

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