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Step one: Comprehension

I-You-We-All are allowed to understand human evolution and the wonderful effects of love, peace and bliss on us

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Step two: Determination

If understood how highly sophisticated evolutionary processes can become love, peace and bliss have to be determined

Part one

Part Two

Part Three

Step three:

All my love, peace and bliss are allowed to be relevant starting with I up to humanity

Step four: Internalisation

By being determined all the time I starts to internalize love, peace and bliss as a wonderful source for according evolutionary processes for I-You-We-All

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The reaching is achieved if the internalisation of love, peace and bliss for I-You-We-All is completed in mind and body

Step five: Reaching

Comprehension work is the most time consuming step. Even so I published only three parts there are a lot more, and this is valid for the other steps too. However, you have to ask for more. In this virtual monastery I will just give you an idea how I-You-We-All's evolutionary motivation and determination may look like.